I often find myself thinking of how many different lives are being lived at one time. I find it so enjoyable to read all your responses & where you are writing from in this world. It’s always so nice to hear back from readers – it really is what keeps me going – I know I say this at the beginning of most of my newsletters & I will continue to share my appreciation for your time & attention  🙂
Here’s a link to some great world music

There’s a great divide in how we conduct our lives.  One side is accepting our Wholeness – offering ourselves compassion and kindness. Loving all parts, the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s about being around others who also accept our wholeness and offer us support.

The other side is criticism and how much of that we are accepting in our lives & how much of that we are serving up to others & adding to the world.

This month’s theme is directing the practice of compassion to our self. Accepting our wholeness and releasing the inner critic we’ve created through our thoughts & actions. When we become kinder to ourselves we are open to accept that kindness from others. We release more of the critics that don’t serve our growth.

Give it a Go? See how it feels? Create space for an inner voice that’s kind, release the external attacks and projections of others shortcomings. Your load will feel lighter.

Creating An Affirmation:
First we must recognise the voice in our head that is not very kind to us. Then we are creating a ‘new program’ by stating an affirmation to the mind that is kind, loving & compassionate. This is to be repeated 20 times everyday to yourself.  You can also write it down 20 times a day which will make it more powerful.

If you do take on that practice feel free to share your experiences –

Wishing you all health in body, mind & spirit

MBY 2020 Offerings 

Mawk Phoenix House Concert Series IV
Saturday July 25th | GOZO
20.00 -23.00

Online Private Sessions |  75 mins = 60 euros
From your home to mine at your time
Tailored to your individual mental, emotional and physical needs

KriyaAsana Yoga Retreat WEEK
October 10th – 17th | GOZO

MBY 200 hr KriyaAsana YTT
October 21 – November 15th
November 25 – December 6th (all dates required)
Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays
10am – 5pm


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