KriyaAsana 200hr RYT | Fall 2023 | Spring & Fall 2024

MBY has been practicing yoga for 21 years and guiding classes & retreats for 20 years. Her dedication to her self practice has made her teaching life rich with encounters from students & teachers that ride on the same wave, whether they’re just beginning or are further along on their journey.

Michelle Bartolo Yoga’s semi private (maximum 8 students) 200hr KriyaAsana Teacher Training course provides one with an in-depth training to connect to the teacher in you, while releasing blockages and baggage in the body/mind which has been carried around for years.

Through our union we dive into self discovery with soul, heart & play where you’ll find your inner mystic and then share that with others that come for your message.

MBY will lead you into your own self practice through her teacher training which is where your authentic voice will shine through to bring you all the students who need what you are practicing. The course is designed around what you want to work on in mind, body & spirit – each student sends a description of this a few weeks before the course starts – from there the course is designed to meet those needs. The students therefore, design the training – each training is different. It’s a deep inner dive for the courageous at heart.

MBY’s teacher training will teach you more than how to teach yoga. With a strong intention on personal improvement, psychological flexibility, opening up to allow energy to move through; this course is designed not only to provide students with tools to share the wisdom of yoga with others, yet also to look at their own lives from a spiritual perspective. Each training holds a unique energy, created together with like minded souls.

As we train & embody this approach, we open up to the wisdom and the teacher that is already within us all. We dance, we chant, we sing. We find community with like-minded people and we embrace the stillness within ourselves. We call on our intuition for the answers and we speak from spirit to spirit. We dive deep into the experience, free from unnecessary distractions and allow our authentic connection to emerge.

Each day carries an intention, a spiritual lesson of the day, that we each set for ourselves along with the efforts that need to be made to achieve it. We begin each class with a meditation, followed by a 90 minute kriyaasana practice.

Then we dip into learning yogic theory, yogic practice & healing through group discussions. During this time we cover the fundamentals of yogic living, including yogic diet, anatomy, meditation, cleansing practices, pranayama, Ayurveda and sharing all the things in our lives we’d no longer like to carry around.

Our trainings also open up to include other methods of healing, calling on not just the physical and mental elements but also the more subtle forms such as energy healing.

We share the Art of Teaching and the Art of Touch, during which students learn to teach a segment of a class in every class we share. We will include Kundalini Kriyas to unravel any blockages in our roots so our serpent energy can rise; a Slow Flow which is a slow, meditative, practice followed by Vinyasa Flow, a more intense, breath synchronised flow. We also share the fundamentals of intelligent sequencing and explore alignment and adjustment of poses in depth. Each class will end with a meditation & kirtan (chanting).

  • 50 hours of this course is devoted to your self practice during the course, where you come in tune with your inner voice and what you need to create that steady routine of practice/sadhana
  • 6 hours of SEVA is required for this course where you get to volunteer with an organisation of your choice for no payment in exchange towards your act of service.
  • You will be required to attend 4 x Yoga classes where you will observe teaching techniques and take notes for discussion of my classes and/or any other classes.

What you will receive:

Spiritual Immersion
Daily Yoga Practice
In-Depth Meditation Techniques and Practice
Yoga Philosophy
Art of Teaching
Art of Touch
Ayurvedic Diet
Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
Kriya Yogic Cleansing
Kirtan Chanting
Energetic Healing Practices
Chakras & Energy Work
Ethics for Yoga Teachers
Life-long Friendships

MBY KriyaAsana Training also Includes:

MBY’s Teacher Training Manual
In class teaching practice with other students on course and then community yogi’s/

Online theory classes  
MBY KRIYAASANA  200 hr YTT Certificate

As well as:

Working through a process of self-inquiry and personal transformation
Learn to teach, guide & create your own unique sequences
Live the yogic lifestyle, improve your personal practice and develop your Sadhana, your own spiritual practice
Incorporate daily Meditation, Kriyas, Pranayama and Asana
Explore the Art of Teaching through interactive daily workshops and learn through regular peer-teaching starting day one & everyday of the training
Participate and learn traditional Kirtan chants that are all heart based
Study Yoga Anatomy & Physiology and incorporate these principles into your own teaching and practice
Learn the foundation and historical background of yoga philosophy
Explore Chakras, Bandhas & energetic anatomy in your personal practice and your teaching
Practice Advanced Pranayama
Experience Kriyas on a deep level which are yogic cleansing techniques
Focus on integrating Yoga into your life
Discuss ways to bring your Yoga to the marketplace
Learn and integrate holistic health modalities such as massage, energy healing, nutrition (ayurveda) and other forms

FALL 2024

October 16th – November 8tth LIVE IN GOZO – Physical practices

Days : Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Times: 10 – 5pm (1 hour lunch included)

November 23th – December 14th LIVE ONLINE – Theory

Days & Times: Friday evenings  6 – 8pm CET  &  Saturdays   12 – 6pm  CET

(The theory portion of the training will happen LIVE ONLINE)

*All hours required

  • 200 hr RYT + Single Room = 4, 000 euros (includes healthy breakfast everyday & lunch on the days in training only)
  • 200 hr RYT + Shared Room = 3, 125 (includes healthy breakfast everyday & lunch on the days in training only
  • 200 hr RYT ONLY = 2,500 (no accommodation nor breakfast included – lunch included on days in training only)
  • Private/One to One 200 hr RYT LIVE in Gozo or LIVE Online OR Hybrid 6,000 euros one to one (timetable is flexible for private RYT & payment plans available). This fee does NOT include accommodation
  • +Add supplement of 1300 euros to Private training fee to include accommodation + breakfast (lunch is included everyday when in training)
DEPOSIT for all options:
50 % deposit secures your space – deposit is non refundable but can be transferred to other services offered through MBY
Balance is due 2 months prior to the training.
Payment Plans can be arranged.


Mood Farmhouses are run by Claudia & Federico.

These traditional farmhouses are built in local stone and have all modern conveniences while blending in with the rural style of the island  & adding an elegant and modern touch.

View photos and more information here:

The Farmhouses are situated in Gharb, one of the most important villages of Gozo.
Follow this link to see the accommodations
Gharb is just 2 km far from Victoria, the capital. Victoria is a very interesting city to visit, because it has been restored in the last years and now you can discover the attractions of the historic part, called Citadel.
Just a stone’s throw away from our Farmhouses there is Ta Pinu Cathedral that is an important destination for pilgrims from all over the world.
You’ll admire historic and natural beauties such as  beaches, coasts & cliffs. You can rent a car, scooter, bike or buy a bus pass for transportation. We can also book  boat trips to Comino, enogastronomic tours and other activities like fishing, diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, diving, kayaking and many more activities.


Required Books:

  • Transitions To A Heart-Centered World Through the Kundalini Yoga & Meditations

  • Yoga Anatomy:

  •  Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice – Deborah Adele

If you have any further questions please email:




Jose Gomes – One to One – Holland | 2023

Highly recommend Michelle, her classes are a heart opening experience. She has extensive knowledge and passion for the traditional forms of yoga. I like to call her the teacher of teachers. I did my first 200hr teacher training with her in 2023, one can tell it’s much more to her than just teaching and passing on knowledge. Her classes are open to anyone from level 0 to Supersaiyan level. Note: check in with yourself if you are ready to go deep within. This is not just a fitness yoga style class and a more profound soul touching happening on the magical island of Gozo?

Jennifer Flukiger – One to One – Switzerland | 2021

I enjoyed a one-to-one Teacher Training of 200 hours with Michelle during the summer of 2021. I can highly recommend her Private Teacher Training. As Michelle is very experienced and draws from countless hours of teaching and self-practice, she is able to guide you in an authentic and grounded way. She encourages and supports you to uncover the personal gifts you have to offer as a future teacher. Although the Private Teacher Training is well structured, Michelle leaves room to customise the content to a student’s personal needs. With Michelle you have a great mentor by your side. Thank you Michelle!

Anna Karina Schmidt – World Free Diving Champion |  Switzerland | 2020

Yoga with Michelle checks all the boxes of what I need in Yoga. Long meditations, amazing postures and Kriyas that strengthen and balance on all levels needed – physically and mentally. Her classes are very thoughtful and they vary every month and season. There is always a meaning and intuition one is kindly invited to follow. I also enjoy conversations that come up after the class. Besides her yoga studio is super beautiful in the heart of a traditional limestone house. Surrounded by palm trees.

I liked it so much that I went fully in with her for the yoga teacher training.


Janina Laurent – Germany | 2019

I did my Yoga-Teacher-Training with Michelle in 2019 and it was a beautiful experience on many levels with her as an inspiring guide and teacher. Michelle was recommended to me as I was searching for a way to do a teacher training without taking weeks off from work and we created a flexible schedule so that I could continue to work whilst doing the course which was very helpful. Learning about the teachings of yoga in her beautiful farmhouse located in the quiet and peaceful surroundings of the Gozotain countryside, I felt very comfortable and relaxed during our practices and the space that Michelle created, both physically and spiritually was amazing in the sense that I was able to explore my inner landscape in a calm environment helping me to get to know different sides of me that I wasn’t aware of before.

During the course, I learnt about many different yogic tools and teachings and for me, the most outstanding experiences were out practices of deep meditation techniques and how to teach a full 90 minutes class using my own strengths to create a nice and smooth personal flow for the participants to enjoy, relax and experience the beauty of yoga during class. Nowadays, I apply these tools in my teachings and not only that but I am feeling personally more balanced and better equipped to face challenges in my daily life with a calm attitude.

Michelle has been very supportive, reliable and understanding with every question, challenge or past experiences that we encountered during the training and even after I finished the course she continues to guide and share her knowledge and practices with me. I am very grateful that I got to know Michelle and that I had her as my teacher for this training.

Caitriona Murphy / Ireland 2018

Hi, my name is Caitriona Murphy and 
I undertook a 200hr YTT with Michelle
in 2018.

Prior to the training I had attended a number 
of Michelle’s classes and really enjoyed her style 
of teaching. This led me to her YTT.

I love yoga and had wanted to do a YTT for a long 
time but wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to teach.
This was mainly due to a lack of confidence in
myself and my abilities.

I did a 1:1 YTT with Michelle and this benefitted 
me greatly as Michelle was able to tailor the 
training to my specific needs. Because of this we
were able to work on my self confidence and in 
particular the confidence and self belief I needed 
when it came to teaching others.

I honestly never believed that I would have the 
nerve to sit/stand/flow in front of a yoga class 
and instruct with any confidence but Michelle 
brought that out in me. She helped instill in me a 
self confidence I didn’t know I had.

I have learned so much from Michelle and I feel 
I’ve received so much more than a teacher training!
I will be forever grateful to her for her
kindness, knowledge and the open heart with which 
she received me into this training.

If anyone is considering doing a YTT, I couldn’t 
recommend Michelle highly enough. 

Thanks again for being such a wonderful teacher and an all round lovely
person in general 

Oct/Nov 2018


Amber DiGiorgio / Kirtan Artist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher | 2016

I chose to study for my 200-hour yoga training with Michelle one on one and I have to say I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Since it was just the two of us we could really focus on my particular strengths and weaknesses both as a student and as a teacher-to-be. She went over all the curriculum to give me a broad understanding of the physical as well as spiritual aspects of the practice and then was able to pay particular attention to the areas that I was most interested in or that I needed to develop more. She’s kind, caring and encouraging with also having the strength a teacher needs to discipline her students to help shape them into well rounded teachers themselves. It was hard work that was also joyful. I loved every minute of my training with her


Anne Soffeken / Osteopath | 2016

I was incredibly lucky to train to be a yoga teacher in a one on one course with Michelle. She guided me through the exploration of aspects of the yoga lifestyle which I had only touched upon before. She recognised the areas of potential for growth and I truly feel like I can integrate what I learned into my practice, teaching and life. I often think back to our sessions and would do it the same way again today.