June’s Yoga Intensive XI is up and coming, so crank it up and ‘show us your guns’ as my first teacher used to always say…

Up in Arms will strengthen you from your arms to your core and will help to prepare you for them topsy turvy poses that we call Inversions.

‘Inversions provide myriad physical, mental, and emotional benefits. But they also require strength, flexibility, and confidence about reversing your normal relationship to gravity, and those can take time to develop.’

Up in Arms will help you  experience greater range of motion in your spine and shoulders and build strength in your arms and core while getting accustomed to the idea of bearing weight on your hands, arms, and upper body.  In other words,  you’ll open the door to a world in which the cartwheels of your youth no longer seem like a distant memory….

Up in Arms will run from Monday June 11-Friday June 15th

* 9 x classes will be held in the week, you can choose to sign up for them all or just pick and choose which days best suit you.

* 9 x classes = 75 euros

* 5 x classes = 40 euros

*Morning classes will run every day (except for Thurs) @ 9.30-11am

*Evening classes will run every eve from 7-8.30pm

N.B (Friday eve we will take the class down to the beach for a Sunset Yoga Session! This class will commence at 7.30pm /location to be announced soon 😉

Find the flow of fluidity as you go Up in Arms



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