Retreats are time for us to do exactly that, retreat from our daily lives. Step off the spinning wheel & practise some time connecting to your mind & body. We practise presence so internet is not available within our retreat home. You are free to wonder out on your free time to any local wifi spots if need be but I do invite you to digitally detox to enhance your retreat experience.

KriyaAsana Retreats have been designed to take us on an inner journey, we all live from the inside out, there is no other way around it. Our inner worlds are a reflection of our outer happenings. Through our classes together we will begin to cultivate an inner space where you can find peace, strength, love & anything else you feel you need more of. It’s an inside job ?

Retreats will have a different itinerary depending on our location & theme.

Each retreat will offer 2 Yoga Classes/day.

Our morning flow will start with some pranayama, grounding & intention setting followed by a warmup that will flow into a Vinyasa style rhythm building up our heat & heart to awaken our awareness for the day.
Specific Kriyas from the Kundalini tradition that will help us with vitality and mental stamina will be dashed in each class.
Morning classes will end with a 15 min meditation & evening classes will end with a 30 min guided meditation.

Depending on our location we can scout out sunrise & sunset spots to practise our yoga classes, the best way to start & end the day is with the rising and/or setting sun. Our intentions become magnified as we honour the light.

My aim by the end of each retreat is to leave you feeling free & more connected to YOU.