Asana means staying or abiding. It is through asana that an individual achieves the unity of body and mind.

The Yogic Asana’s (postures) have been devised for the purpose of comfort and steadfastness during mediation and pranayama. Each posture reflects a mental attitude, whether it be one of surrender, the strengthening of will or the creation of a physical mantra with the body. Through the performance and practice of different asana’s one is able to learn the handling of different situations.

Another important aspect of asana is that it can temporarily bring peace and free the mind of all worries. The quieting of mind promotes the balancing of the mental functions of the individual. Asana’s have great healing implications. The asana and pranayama practices bring about the desired state of health in an individual. It also helps in control of breath. Asana’s harmonize the flow of energy in the organism, thereby lifting the spirits of the individuals practicing.

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