MBY KriyaAsana Yoga Retreat ONLINE 

September 26th – October 2nd


You may be thinking ‘What? A yoga retreat online?’

I have to admit that was my attitude too before this pandemic hit

Then I decided to sign up for one of these retreats myself as a participant online and I really got a lot out of it. It really felt like we were practicing together, sharing stories, having a laugh at the technology of it all – the times are a changing and we gotta surf with the changes.  These practices are crucial during challenging times.

How does a yoga retreat week online run?

The retreat will begin at 4.30pm on Saturday September 26th. We will all meet on ZOOM  with the link I send to you and have a Meet & Greet session to introduce ourselves, discuss how the rest of the week will run and ask any questions you may have.

After our discussion we will settle down for our first session together at 5.30pm. This session will be very grounded and restorative with lots of long held poses on the floor and slow breathing followed by a mindful meditation.

From the comfort of your own home the retreat will include x 2 classes / day from Sunday September 27th – Thursday October 1st. There will be one class only on Friday October 2nd in the morning.  All classes will be 75 min in length.

Support your practice by creating a peaceful environment with some candles and a quiet place to practice where you will not be disturbed. Ask your family, roommates, children and/or partners to give you this undisturbed time.

After each  morning class we will have time to share anything that came up during practice and/ or any questions/answers.  A journaling theme will be given at the end of each morning session and is open to discussion after the following mornings practice.

The evening practice will be restorative & meditative. A deep inner listening practice .

When we practice together we support one another,  no matter where in the world we are. A collective energy working towards the greater good.

We will boost our immunity & calm our minds through carefully selected Kriyas from the Kundalini tradition that work very closely to our energetic anatomy & combine breath, sound & movement. Vinyasa flow sequences will combine asanas to open our bodies so the energy can clear and move freely. Moving to the natural rhythm of our breath in fluid movements.

Your retreat includes:

  • Collective Welcome Meal – Meet n Greet on Friday September 25th on ZOOM
  • 12 (75 min) yoga classes each morning and evening from Friday evening to the following Friday morning on ZOOM
  • Journalling exercises for Self Reflection
  • Sharing circles with Q & A on Zoom after each morning class
  • All classes will be recorded VIA ZOOM and will be available to you if you are not able to make the times of all the classes.


  • 200 euros – Full payment secures space via Paypal, Revolut, Venmo or Direct Bank Transfer (email info@michellebartoloyoga.com for the details)

 Yoga Classes:

Suitable for all levels.

If you have any special needs and/or injuries please notify me personally via email.

Yoga sessions: 

Mornings : 8-9.30am  (Central European Time)

Evenings: 4.30 -6.00pm. (CET)

Each morning session will include grounding meditation, pranayama (breath work), a gentle warmup, a heat building vinyasa sequence & some kriyas for focusing our minds. Kriyas come from the Kundalini tradition and are a combination of breath, sound & movement and work very closely to our energetic anatomy to calm the nervous system.

The morning class will conclude with a 15 min meditation.

Each evening class will restorative & meditative with grounded asanas and long holds in each pose with a particular focus on presence & breath. The evening class will conclude with a nice long meditation session.

Practice and all is coming

Who’s IN?



Single Person booking

October 10-17th 2020 – Single – Please email before booking


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  • 7 night Inside Out Retreat from October 10-17th of 2020.
  • SINGLE room in 5 star Farmhouse
  • Private Ensuite bathroom
  • Daily 1.5 hr class of Invigorating Yoga
  • Daily  60 min Restorative Yoga & Meditation
  • Gozo Location
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Daily Healthy Breakfast