Negative Emotions can lead us to Expansiveness

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Buddha 🙂

The place where our inner light has grown dim, destructive, rigid & resistant.
We all experience these phases in our life.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of as it’s part of our human experience.
Yet when our inner critic becomes loud on the inside, we become harsh on others.; have you experienced that? What a lesson to learn!

This ‘tool’ has helped me understand the harshness in others and that it’s about their pain and their triggers – I’ve learnt to not take it personally (sometimes).
It’s also taught me that when I fall into that critical headspace it’s time to sit & self reflect more inwards – as our critic sprouts from the inside/out.

What if your negative emotions were showing you what you need to learn about yourself?
What if you could be with those negative emotions instead of suffocating or burying it with a drink, food or some other distraction?
What if your negative emotions could actually lead you to expansion? 

As we work towards strengthening our digestion through this Fall season, we look at how we digest everything. When someone is unkind, when someone cuts you off, is rude etc.
How do you digest life?
Reflecting on how we  digest everything helps to keep the large intestine in good shape as we train it to LET GO of what we hold onto or what may be stagnant.

Anger can also lead us into deeper insights and expansion.
It’s a normal human emotion which can also be healthy or unhealthy.
Gabor Mate (another one of me favourites) speaks of how all these emotions can have a fatal effect on our health.

What’s the difference between healthy anger &  unhealthy anger?
Healthy anger is being angry in the moment, and then letting it go – unhealthy anger is carrying that anger around with you for years upon years only hurting yourself .
More hard truths….yet having this knowledge only places us more in power of our well being. We know our external environments are not in our control, yet our internal ones are.

The power of illness teaches us where we need to EXPAND.

Food for so much thought…

Here is a kriya to help you release what is stored in the large intestine – if your  knees are sensitive this is not for you. Ladies this is not recommended when you are on your cycle or pregnant.

I’d LOVE to hear your answers to any of the above questions and/or any other shares to connect our human threads.
Hearing from readers lets me know more about you
It keeps the cycle alive 😉

“Negative emotion is always the red flag alerting you to the fact that there is something there to learn. It is alerting you that you have come to the crossroads of personal expansion. If you avoid the negative feeling you also avoid the lesson and the expansion” Teal Swan

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If you missed this song last time around….
Produced by Mawk Phoenix / performed by Colleen McMahon

Wishing you everything you wish for and don’t forget to PLAY  & FEEL JOY  :)))
This year is not about getting what we want, it’s about appreciating what we have.

(truth is my identity/the divine in me honours the divine in you/ peace peace)
Michelle x

Balancing our Yin & Yang Organs, the Lungs & Large Intestine

Autumn in the Seasonal Yoga calendar runs all the way until the December Equinox on the 21st. During this time of year, the Lung and Large Intestine are the dominant organs. There is a sense of gathering inwards and it is a perfect time to delve deep into our pranayama practice aka Yogic breath work.
A simple breath work practice which is a natural tranquiliser for the nervous system is :

Breathe In x 4 seconds
Hold in the breath x 7 seconds
Breath out x 8 seconds
Repeat 4 times

To be centred and comfortable during this time of transition, one must support both halves of the life balance. Here’s how.

Recognise the yin: Strengthen your Lung qi.

Chinese medicine teaches that Lung qi is closely associated with immunity. This time of year, it is wise to work with the Lung to reinforce your resistance to seasonal viruses and common dry-weather skin irritations.

Respect and support Lung qi through your diet. Warming, rich spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove are so much a part of fall cuisine. Surprise! These seasonal favourites are also harmonious with Lung qi. Many delicious, nutritious vegetables are part of a Lung-boosting plate as well: cabbage, onion, garlic, sweet potato, turnip, cauliflower, pumpkin…and those are just a few.

Support the yang: Acknowledge natural endings, nurture new beginnings

Releasing what we don’t need is, after all, the function of the Large Intestine, autumn’s other dominant organ.

Here are some October Journal Prompts:
What do I need to focus on?
I release and let go of….
It’s ok for me to change…
List 3 new things you want to learn

Revel in the shifting of the seasons—honour and embrace the storing, reorganising and releasing you sense going on inside yourself.

Motivation & Drive
Let Food be Thy Medicine

I hope this month finds you navigating a new way of fitting into this different kind of year, with new growth goals & insight. It’s been a year of getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

On a personal note August has us travelling through Switzerland, the land of deliciously fresh mountain cheese & creamy mouth watering chocolate – which I can’t have ANY of. Here’s my practice of discomfort – letting go of my comfort food choices. Challenging? Oh yes, I’m finding it WAY more challenging than the Covid situation in all honesty. Yet ADAPTABILITY is the only way. My motivation is HEALTH and my drive is ALIVE. When my thoughts have me believing I’m missing out I override them with ‘I reject that thought’ &  it’s working like a charm!

After a few trips to my Chinese Doctor for digestive issues I was put on a special diet which has been a BIG challenge while on the road. Yet it’s making my will stronger and my belly better in the long run (I hope!)
Although most of these things were never a huge part of my daily diet, I’ve been advised to completely avoid all dairy, spicy foods, gluten, sugar (even from fruits) alcohol & chocolate. I need to drink two glasses of ginger & lemon water each morning followed by two glasses of fresh pure celery juice, followed by a blend of Chinese Herbs & fasting 18 hours between dinner and the following days first meal. I’m also repeating affirmations 20 times/day and practicing yoga & meditation, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise as usual.

It’s been a mission while on the road but I have been beautifully supported by my partner, his familia & my chinese doc. I am SO grateful for the support they have shown in preparing us meals which are suitable, it really warms my heart & I hope that it will teach others to take care of themselves when times call for it, regardless of the pressure that may be thrown our way.

I believe we’ve turned into a society that would rather pop a pill than change our diet. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs and I get it – it’s hard. Yet it’s through that resistance that we get stronger. I’ve noticed my love affair for cheese runs long and deep, it’s the glue that I thought was holding my life together :)) .
Letting it go is my biggest struggle. I love cheese WAY more than it loves me. It’s like letting a destructive relationship go, it hurts in many ways yet we know the time has come to say goodbye….

Is there anything you feel it’s time to let go of? A habit that no longer serves your growth or an old way of being that holds you back? These are the practices that develop our strength, growth & attachment humanly habits.

I always love hearing back from my readers with any shares this may trigger


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Inner power to all you peoples from zee Swiss mountains, green pastures and happy cows 🙂



I often find myself thinking of how many different lives are being lived at one time. I find it so enjoyable to read all your responses & where you are writing from in this world. It’s always so nice to hear back from readers – it really is what keeps me going – I know I say this at the beginning of most of my newsletters & I will continue to share my appreciation for your time & attention  🙂
Here’s a link to some great world music

There’s a great divide in how we conduct our lives.  One side is accepting our Wholeness – offering ourselves compassion and kindness. Loving all parts, the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s about being around others who also accept our wholeness and offer us support.

The other side is criticism and how much of that we are accepting in our lives & how much of that we are serving up to others & adding to the world.

This month’s theme is directing the practice of compassion to our self. Accepting our wholeness and releasing the inner critic we’ve created through our thoughts & actions. When we become kinder to ourselves we are open to accept that kindness from others. We release more of the critics that don’t serve our growth.

Give it a Go? See how it feels? Create space for an inner voice that’s kind, release the external attacks and projections of others shortcomings. Your load will feel lighter.

Creating An Affirmation:
First we must recognise the voice in our head that is not very kind to us. Then we are creating a ‘new program’ by stating an affirmation to the mind that is kind, loving & compassionate. This is to be repeated 20 times everyday to yourself.  You can also write it down 20 times a day which will make it more powerful.

If you do take on that practice feel free to share your experiences –

Wishing you all health in body, mind & spirit

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It’s been too long and we would like to invite you all to join us on this special intimate musical evening with Mawk Phoenix.

Mawk Phoenix aka Marc Dold is a Swiss-born music creator who resided & worked in LA for 20 years and is now based in Gozo.

In his live performances Mawk builds a unique blend of acoustic guitars and lush, tribal electronic beats and textures , which he calls Acoustica. This is his PR’s description of his last album, This is the Sound…

‘Listeners emerge from a vast wilderness enveloped in a fog of loneliness and self doubt to find a sonic meadow where senses are brimmed with warmth and exhilarating clarity of self. It’s a sonic journey to a zenith of tranquility & transcendence.’

What others have to say about Mawk Phoenix’s latest album release, This is the Sound

‘Brilliant piece of work’ Back to Culture UK

‘Love it – it’s as if Simon & Garfunkel collaborated with Air’ Funky SX (UK)

‘The sexy Brit vocal like Sting and Peter Gabriel’ NTS Radio (UK/US)

The former producer of hits for artists like Celine Dion, Enya, Peter Gabriel, Nelly Furtado and many more has left the commercial realm to create a very introspective and authentic collection of songs on transformation.

With new material to share and prayers for any weary hearts we invite you to join this listening experience

Date: Saturday July 25th @ 20.00

Location: 17 Bishop Molina Street, Pjazza Praga | Gharb

Time: 20.00
Music will start at 21.00

Cost: 10 euros

We will provide nibbles for your palates pleasure…


Here are some links to Mawk’s music:

New Release: “Prayer For The Weary”

Title track of the last album: “This is the sound”

Mawk Phoenix, become a friend and get some FREE MUSIC:

Spotify, Apple Music, etc:

Mawk Phoenix on FB & Instagram

This is how we grow….

108 Sun Salutations to celebrate the International Yoga Day and Summer Solstice.

You will be guided by the following Yoga Teaches:
Jennifer Bonello, Jana Najar, Nop Koch, Teresa Azzopardi, Antje Lewerenz, Monique van Bemmelen, Michelle Bartolo, Lina Vuk.

108 sounds a lot…!
You start and stop whenever your body or your mind tells you to do so.

What to bring?
Your own yoga mat
Sun screen lotion
Drinking water
and a smile

We will start at 07.00h sharp in the ditch of the Citadella.
Please plan to be on site at 06.45h at the latest to have a smooth start.

Your investment:
EUR 10.00 payable with your booking
You can pay with Revolut or Paypal.
All proceeds go to the Citadella and SPCA.
For safety reasons e can only accept pre-booked and pre-paid reservations.
Only limited space available!

Payment Info:
Please send the EUR 10.00 to:
Revolut: 77 300 231
If you have trouble with the payment, please contact Monique to receive a payment link. +356-77 300 231 whats app only.

This workshop is for you to be able to make informed choices for safe variations for your future yoga classes and students- maybe even yourself.
We all love the ancient practice of yoga and believe in the benefits of all its aspects including Hatha- the movement practice.

The lecture will combine the latest insights in anatomy and physiology as well as exercise principles to this beautiful holistic practice and like that build a bridge from past to present practice.
Nowadays we might be more open to individualise our yoga practice to our personal needs and limitations. We have to be aware of the benefits yet also of the shortcomings of asana practice.
Anne Soffken (more about her below) will share her research and the opinions she has formed based on her practice & her experience in clinical practice.

Joint structure and function
In the first part of the lecture we will focus on joint anatomy and function based on the hip and shoulder joints.

We will revise the anatomical structures such as ligaments and muscles related to hip and shoulder complex. Then we move on to integrating this in the bigger picture.

Natural variation
Not every person who practices yoga has a picture book structured body. What we see in anatomy books is just a simplified version of an average structure. I will show you a glimpse of what nature has to offer

Muscle and Myofascia
What are muscles? How do they work? What is myofascia and how can we use its properties in our yoga practice?

How does myofascia play an integral part in the make up of our core musculature? We will look into the muscles and structures involved in keeping the centre of our body stable.

SI joint
We will revise the anatomy of the SI joint and its relationship with our core function. Why is the SI joint such a weak spot in yoga practice? How can we prevent yoga injuries and teach a safer practice?

About Anne:

Anne Soffken
Anne’s yoga classes are inspired by her long standing fascination for anatomy and physiology. With 15 years of experience in manual therapy and movement education which allowed her to look at yoga from a therapists perspective. When Anne was introduced to yoga she immediately thought this movement practice has great potential to guide people through an exploration of the postural integrity of their bodies as well as establishing a mind body connection. Enabling a person to truly heal from the inside. Anne is also a mother of 2 year old Bruno, who keeps her on the ball and makes the mindful movement practice even more challenging and fun.

Anne trained as a physiotherapist in Hamburg, Germany. After some time in practice she started seeking a more holistic approach to patient care. She went to study osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy in Kent, England. This Masters Degree course entailed structural osteopathic techniques and orthopedic diagnosis as well as training in cranial osteopathy and visceral techniques. Anne has great interest in the influence of fascial tensions and restrictions on a person’s posture, well being and performance. In 2016 Anne also did Michelle Bartolo’s 200 hr KriyaAsana privately in Malta.

Date: Sunday July 5th

Location: Gharb, GOZO

Time: 14.00 – 18.00

Cost: 50 euros (full payment secures space)

Booking in advance is necessary
Payments can be made via Revolut and/or bank transfer
Private message Michelle Bartolo to book & get details

Looking forward to welcoming Anne, hope you can join us 🙂

Welcome to June’s Newsletter
Thanks for all the lovely feedback from the last months newsletter, it’s always so
nice to know these are being read & hearing from y’all makes me smile so THANK YOUA few years back I wasn’t adapting to everything that was happening in my life with much grace.
I remember seeing this slogan on a large poster in LA ‘ Adapt to Whatever Life Throws at You.’
It was one of them AH HA moments – it instantly made me feel more peaceful & reminded me of the ‘flexibility’ we practice to keep us balanced in mind, body & spirit. This ‘slogan’ became my inner daily dialogue. A surfer of life & right now, SURF’S UP!
For the fun of it and cause I LOVE penguins we’re thrown into these revolutionary times Adaptability will make it as easy as it possibly can be.
It’s a sad time on our planet, when one country suffers, we all do – when humans are suffering we all do – this year has proved how all ‘one’ we are. Start small and treat the people around you with great love.On the topic of LOVE &  hearing how many of you enjoyed Dr Zach Bush’s shares here’s a much shorter message from him (11 min) that hit all my heart strings. In times with so much uncertainty I choose what makes me feel more love and that’s also what I choose to spread – if everything is energy than let’s spread LOVE instead of FEAR – Love heals, Fear doesn’t.

I also believe in the alignment of the planets having an effect on our lives – the alignment they are in now and have been in since the beginning of the year has always been a revolutionary time – it somehow makes it a bit easier to digest that this is all part of the universal process.

Here’s a great explanation from an astrologer my partner has been seeing for many years – practical and useful information on what’s happening in the skies

I wish for us to adapt to all that comes our way – I wish for all of us to communicate our truth even if it makes us feel vulnerable – I wish that through this communication of our truth we will heal our separateness & isolation

As we’ve heard it said, the more difficult the subject, the more healing is to be gained from talking about it. 

MBY’s 2020 Offerings 

108 Sun Salutations for Summer Solstice | GOZO
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Full Moon Kirtan | GOZO
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MBY Inside/Out Retreat Week | GOZO
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MBY KriyaAsana 200 hr YTT | GOZO
October 21st – December 6th


With my hand to my heart I leave you with these wise words

Like Einsten said “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Let’s expand our thinking and let’s get massively creative with new ways to implement change.

Blessings to all
Michelle x

Satya – May your Truth be told

Hola compadres! I wish this newsletter finds you in a space of peace & truth

In my private YTT this month we are currently studying the Chapter Satya (Truth) from a book that acts like a bible for me (The Yamas & Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele).

In the past few weeks I realised I wasn’t sharing my truth out of fear of how it would be received. I felt strongly that this truth I was carrying inside had to live outside.

I was inspired by a talk about the Pandemic by Dr Zach Bush
who’s heart and truth is wide open for all to hear. I admired his courage in going against the mainstream & in turn I followed my need to expose my truth – and yes there were repercussions from many who seem to have forgotten that we are all free to share our truth, that we have freedom of speech and that it’s ok to have different opinions & not have to convince anyone of anything. Fighting against each other is not a conducive way of creating peace in our world which we are in desperate need of.

It made me feel a bit sad to think how many of us hold our truths inside, in fear of what may happen if we share what’s in our hearts. I wonder if we are just surrounded in an environment that doesn’t support our truth?

Truth IS your identity & it’s not meant to live only on the inside.


Do you have a truth inside you are not expressing?
Why do you not feel free to express that truth?
Imagine how free you would feel if you did express that truth?

Begin to visualise expressing that truth in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone yet sets you free…


This doctors courage and connection to both spirit & science  restored my faith & inspired me to share it – always look for & follow that inspiration – that voice that resonates with what is in your heart.

I am also so grateful to be sharing a life with a partner who’s views coincide with mine – to feel supported, heard and understood. Please know that you deserve to be SEEN & your view is worthy.

SATYA (truth) be with you


MBY 2020 Offerings:

FREE 2O min guided Meditation & Soundbath by MBY & Mawk Phoenix

FREE Mawk Phoenix’s latest track, Prayer for the Weary inspired by our current times

MBY 200 hr KriyaAsana YTT / GOZO
June 3 – July 6th

MBY Inside/Out Retreat / GOZO
October 10-17th

MBY 200 hr KriyaAsana YTT / GOZO
October 21st – December 6th / GOZO

MBY Online Private One to One Sessions

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Wishing you all peace with your truth 😉