This KriyaAsana 6 week Yoga course is themed on Empowering our Truth.
To do that we need to connect to it and find out what that truth is so we can release the negativity that prevents us from expressing that truth.
The course will run every Tuesday & Friday morning from 6.30 – 7.30am CET
This course is suitable for all levels as modifications will be offered.
Tuesday June 14th – Tuesday July 22nd
6.30 – 7.30 CET
Invest: 150 euros
Payments can be made via Revolut +356 99670342 or via direct bank transfer
Once payment is made you will receive the ZOOM link.

That time of year is coming up, the Summer Solstice where we can welcome in more light, heat & nourishement.

This year the Yoga Community here in Gozo are all getting together at The Citadel in Victoria to do 108 Sun Salutations to cleanse the body in preparation for the next season ahead…

There will be many teachers leading the salutes as we share our different styles and bring our communities together.

10 euros donation to the Gozo SPCA

To register please email:

June 21st

Hope to see you all there!

Inspiration struck me to share such a potent practice with you all. The inspiration came to me through many students feedback stating they just didn’t have the discipline to stick to a consistent practice. I know how much I LOVE these 40 day Sadhanas and the beginning of the year is when I always do one so this year I offered it up and out and our first Sadhana was a great success. There will be 2 more Sadhanas this year – the next one begins on April 25th and goes until June 3rd.

I also realise the importance of having a daily practice and how much better I feel for it.
The Importance of Self-Discipline by RADIANT BODY YOGA, Kia Miller
‘Sadhana (personal practice) is the cornerstone of the practice of yoga and the process of self-transformation. There is truly no more valuable thing we can give to ourselves. It is this ritual of centring ourselves within our SELF that enables us to walk through life with an open heart and with grace. Sadhana is a practice of self discipline, which leads to direct experience and an expansion of our awareness.
Our sadhana, our spiritual practice, needs constant vigilance; old habits can be hard to break. Therefore we need to develop the muscle of self-motivation and will. We need to be willing to set aside time and to attend to the inner experience with the same enthusiasm we may attend visiting a new country for the first time.
Get up with time to set up, set up by aligning your energy, attitude and commitment for the day, and keep it up day after day. This consistency gives us steadiness and excellence over time and prevents us from getting swept up in a reactive mode to things around us. This daily practice also allows us to maintain our radiance and impact in life

In the Yogic tradition it’s believed that it takes 40 days to break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through breath, kriya or mantra.
Remember, a habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits at a very young age. Some of them serve our highest destiny. Some do not. By doing a 40, 90, 120 or 1000 day special sadhana, you can rewire that chain reaction. You can develop new, deeply ingrained habits that serve your highest good.’
I personally do a few 40 day practices / year and have done so for many years now. It gives me an anchor, a focus, peace & energy and so much more. I feel balanced and when I’m done I feel so good that I stuck to my commitment for the whole 40 days which is what builds integrity of character – keeping the word we make to ourselves most importantly and the most harmful to break.
We will work with a different practice each week. The practices will consist of small seated movements, pranayama (breathwork) and sometimes sound through using our voices to cleanse and clear our minds, bodies and spirits.
April 25th – June 3rd
7.00 – 7.30 am CET — EVERYDAY
Invest: 150 euros
Payable via: Revolut +356 99670342 OR direct bank transfer

“All sadhana is meant to purify the mind and make the mind one-pointed and inward so it can be directed toward the centre of consciousness within the inner chamber of your being. Physical growth is in the hands of nature; mental growth and spiritual growth are in your hands.” – Swami Rama

Keeping the tradition alive come join us for 108 Sun Salutations as we honour the change of season with 108 Sun Salutations – cleansing the body mind and spirit for new growth like the flowers that bloom at this time of year.
Date: Sunday March 20th in Gharb and live online via ZOOM
Time: 8.00 am CET
Donation: 10 euros (all proceeds to the Gozo SPCA)
Booking is necessary
Where: Gharb or LIVE ON ZOOM
Typically yogis do 108 Sun Salutations. Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, is a series of 12 postures performed in a single, graceful flow. Each movement is coordinated with the breath. The Sun Salutation builds strength and increases flexibility.
The 108 ritual is performed 4 times a year, with the start of each season, to acknowledge the changing world around us. It usually takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours to complete.

Why 108?
The number 108 carries spiritual significance in many cultures:
108 is the number of “Upanishads” comprising Indian philosophy’s “Vedic texts”.
108 is the number of names for Shiva (a really important Hindu god).
108 is the number of names for Buddha.
108 is the Chinese number representing “man”.
108 is the number of beads on a Catholic rosary.
108 is the number of beads on a Tibetan “mala” (prayer beads, analogous to a rosary).
108 is twice the number “54”, which is the number of sounds in Sanskrit (sacred Indian language).
108 is six times the number “18”, which is a Jewish good luck number.
108 is twelve times the number 9, which is the number of vinyasas (movements linked to breath) in a Sun Salutation
108 is the number of Sutras in the Yoga Sutras.
1 stands for Higher Truth, 0 stands for Emptiness and 8 stands for Infinity.
SaNamNamaste xx

This 6 week course will run two mornings every week
Tuesdays & Fridays LIVE ON ZOOM from 6.30 – 7.30am CET
The practices will include breathwork, movements of kriyas, asanas & meditation.
The course is progressive which is why no drop ins will be allowed.
The full 6 week course will allow us to grow together and progress.

Self-connection is a process of living from within yourself not trying to find yourself externally but always returning home to the life energy inside and making choices that express and manifest your unique Self.

Date: March 8 – April 15th
Days: Tuesdays & Fridays
Time: 6.30 – 7.30 am CET
Invest: 150 euros

* full payment required
* many payment options, once you book you can choose Revolut, direct bank transfer or paypal or cash

Michelle Bartolo Yoga has been guiding yoga classes for 20 years. She has a host of certificates and years full of practice and explorations. This course is designed to give you life long tools to keep you balanced in mind, body & spirit ?
Looking forward to spreading these practices ?

Hi compadres!
I hope you are carrying light in your breath and love in your heart.
I’m excited to announce that my Kundalini Workshops are back in the calendar with the first one happening soon!
Date: Saturday February 12th
Time: 11.00 – 15.30
Where: Gharb, Gozo
Invest: 60 euros
(space limited to 8 people)
*Bookings are confirmed once full payment is made via Revolut, or direct bank transfer – details provided once booking is confirmed
The practice will include Kundalini Kriyas that ease anxiety.
It is a lovely meditative set and I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.
10.45 – 11.00 – arrivals
11.00 – 13.00 – breath work, meditation, intention setting warmups and the kriya set to Ease Anxiety
13.00 – 14.00 – Vegetarian Lunch
14.00 – 15.00 – Meditation & Soundbath
15.00 – 15.30 – Tea & Cake ?
Anxiety comes from the mind. Thoughts are perceived by observing. Emotions are perceived by feeling.
So the mind so the breath
So the breath so the mind
Wishing you a year full of light & love
SatNamNamaste x

We are happy to announce our new project, Silent Retreats Gozo 

We thought it would be a great idea to offer the opportunity to experience a silent day, weekends or perhaps a private week silent retreat with us on the Island of Joy aka Gozo!

Time to reflect and turn inward as we guide you through mindful activities such as  yoga, meditation, a silent hike, and silent lunch with space and time to just be.

You can also just sit in the garden and journal your thoughts. It’s time that is yours – in peace & silence.

You can have a peak at the website here with all the dates of our Silent Saturdays, A Silent Weekend and the option to book your own private Silent Retreat.


Silent Retreats Gozo

We look forward to welcoming you for our next Silent Saturday on Saturday July 2nd in Gozo
Check into the website link above for more details or drop me an email 🙂


Matri Mater Omm is hosting the First Yoga and Art conference for Malta seeking to support the global Yoga and Sacred Art community and to connect with like-minded souls who share the same intention.
This conference will bring together experts from diverse fields: Business, Yoga, Science, Philosophy, Health and more…
The vision statement is:
The Key to Planetary Health is Human Health!
Can the planet be healthy if the individual is not??
This event will be held online and will feature plenty of inspiring and experienced people including Marius Govinda Zammit, Nik Keter, Claire Mangion, Jennifer Cortis, Svetlana Abela, Michelle Bartolo Yoga, @Gilbert Ross, Godwin Genovese and more.
Visit for more information.
Order your tickets NOW at
A day to turn inward with a small group of people. A day to meditate, do yoga, a day to reflect, hike and all of that in silence. Weather permitted some activities will be outdoors to enjoy a bit of sunshine too.
You will be guided by Monique and Michelle, yoga and meditation teachers in Gozo.
We will enjoy a vegan lunch together in silence too and at the end of the day we will break the silence with some tea, nibbles and sharing.
Michelle and Monique intend to offer silent retreats for one day or for a weekend at least once every three months. Both teachers also offer retreats for a long weekend or for a week, so feel free to reach out if you cannot make it this time, but if you would like to do a silent retreat some other time.
Our program for the 15th of January:
9:00 – 10:30 KriyaAsana Class with Michelle
10:30 – 11:00 Tea break
11:00 – 12:00 Meditation and Journalling
12:00 – 13:00 Silent Lunch
13:00 – 15:00 Silent Hike
15:00 – 16:15 Restorative Yin with Monique
16:15 – 17:00 Tea & Sharing Circle
To book, please send 90 euros to Monique or Michelle through Revolut. Message one of us for payment details. Yellow Rock Yoga Members and members of Michelle Bartolo Yoga will enjoy a discount and pay 75 euros.
Closing date for registration is 8 January 2022.

Welcome to my words, worldly creatures of the human kind….

December has begun – Is it just me or does it feel like the years fly by faster the older/wiser we become? heheee

At the end of each year we like to sit and reflect on what the past year was like for us – here’s some questions to instigate your mental rewind into 2021

* How did the year feel when it started ?
* What were your intentions & goals at the beginning of 2021?
* Did you follow through with them?
* Where did you do well and where could you have done better?
* What new things have you learned this year?
* How do you feel about the past year in general?

Let’s acknowledge ourselves for what deserves ‘a pat on the back’. On the other side of that coin we learn to  accept & send love into our shortcomings and be more aware of feeding them what they need next year.

The practice that gives me the most stability and teaches me to stick to the commitments I make is a morning practice, everyday – NO MATTER WHAT – it could be 5 minutes or 1 hour depending on the amount of time available.
Let’s create an anchor of stability, presence and balance.

As a special new year treat I’ve decided to invite all of you to my next 40 day Sadhana 

What is Sadhana?
It’s a practice of breath, movement and/or sound, meditation & kriyas. It can be just one of these elements or all of them.
In the Yogic tradition it’s believed that it takes 40 days to break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through breath, kriya or mantra.

These practices can be done at any time of day but it’s important to choose the same time of day. These sessions will be recorded so if you are in a different time zone and would like to join you can. You can also do them at the time that suits your schedule.

As a special gift for the holiday season I will be running this 40 Day Sadhana live on ZOOM as an Introduction to Sadhana for this one time special offering of 40 euros.

I will continue to run a few of these throughout the year – this one is for you to experience the beauty of these practices as a part of your everyday life. The practices will change weekly with breath, sound and movement practices that are all seated & suit all levels, meeting you where you’re at.

WhenJanuary 17 – February 25th
7.00 – 7.30am CET EVERYDAY

“All sadhana is meant to purify the mind and make the mind one-pointed and inward so it can be directed toward the centre of consciousness within the inner chamber of your being. Physical growth is in the hands of nature; mental growth and spiritual growth are in your hands.” – Swami Rama

With a hand to my heart I wish you all a season full of love from the inside out – spread it thick to those that need it and remember the higher way of service, love & forgiveness – all the best to you and your loved ones and out into the world 

Fire Earth & Ether are back with our FREE Soundbath Meditations
Here is Decembers practice for your relaxing pleasure – we will be sending one out each month for the winter season – enjoy 🙂

My partner in life Marc Dold aka Mawk Phoenix has just launched a course on Udemy for Music Production – he’s professional, wise, experienced and makes it fun to learn & it’s incredibly affordable if you or anyone you know maybe interested

MBY Offerings 2021/2022

KriyaAsana Classes LIVE ON ZOOM
Tuesdays 18.30 CET
Booking necessary

Private Classes LIVE ON ZOOM 
in your space and at your designed for your individual needs

Yoga, Art & Sound Workshop
Saturday December 11th | GOZO

108 Sun Salutations for Winter Solstice
In person & LIVE ONLINE 
Tuesday December 21st
8 – 10 am CET

A Day of Silence | 2022
January 15th | GOZO
9 – 5pm (lunch included)
email: for more information

40 Day Sadhana | LIVE ONLINE
January 17 – February 25th  
7.00 – 7.30am CET

MBY KriyaAsana 200 hr YTT 
Spring & Fall