MBY KriyaAsana classes blend the styles of Kundalini & Vinyasa with focus on breath & feeling your experience.
With requests from many to host a zoom public class regularly I’ve decided to get it together


Commencing Tuesday March 2nd & every Tuesday there on

18.30-19.45 (C.E.T.)


10 euros/class

10 x classes = 90 euros (valid 3 months)

Set yourself up a nice cozy private space, light a candle and have a blanket and a block and/or cushion

I will send a ZOOM link once you have signed up for class.
Looking forward to seeing all your faces then ?
The mind is where the soul goes to hide from the heart – Michael Singer

Join us on the island of joy in Gozo, Malta. This is a week long retreat where we will do Yoga twice/day and the rest of the time is yours to explore!
This island is old school with all the modern necessities. We have more space than you can imagine for such a small island and the locals treat everyone as if they are familia.
The sea is a stunning blue and there are many caves to explore, beaches, dives and endless adventures.
When you arrive we will gather for a healthy vegetarian meal with locally sourced organic produce and get to know each other and go over the weeks activities.
Monday morning will be our first class at 8 – 9.30am and will be a more invigorating practice
All morning sessions will be held at the same time
Our evening sessions will be from 5-6.30pm and more restorative & meditative
All classes are suitable for all levels
Investment includes:
* accommodation for 7 nights
* vegetarian welcome meal
* healthy breakfast every morning
* 13 x  yoga/mediation sessions
* guided hike
* sunrise and/or sunset yoga sessions in nature
Single 1600 euros
Shared 800 euros/person
* please contact me privately to book and/or for payment options.
* 50% non refundable deposit secures your space (deposit is transferrable)
* Balance is due 1 month before the retreat date
Here are some photos of the farmhouse our retreat will be in:


Hoping that you all had a creative & light festive season. Many I know had to celebrate this year alone due to the pandemic issues – I hope you found solace & love in your own company and used it as the gift of the day that it is to connect within.

Also THANK YOU to all the lovely souls out there who responded to my last email!!
I got the most responses I’ve ever had by sharing something so personal. That’s why we share, to connect and let others know they are not in this alone. THANK you to those who shared their personal journeys with me – keep em coming to stay OPEN.

The practice this month is working with fear. With all the news related to this pandemic, the US elections and all the upheaval happening in our lives many are becoming consumed with the emotion of fear.
Fear is the opposite of love so my new practice is to send LOVE to any of my FEARS when they arise.
When we change the energy of  fear it no longer closes us up, makes us rigid, controlling, sick & generally not fun to be around. You deserve better conditions than that.

The practice is to visit each fear you have. FEEL it in your body. Then teach it courage by guiding the way & FEEL that in your body. You just became stronger than your fear from that simple practice.

We will always have fears. They come and go. They become dangerous when we allow them to be stronger than we are. By guiding our fear we are showing it LOVE, just as you would a small child who is scared. Transform that emotion into LOVE to keep you open, healthy & free.

Here is the latest recording of our Soundbath & Meditation.
Fire, Earth & Ether will be recording a session for your free relaxing pleasure once/month. Initially it was meant to be every 2 weeks but we couldn’t keep up with that.  The theme is Releasing Fears and we hope you find some comfort through it. Feel free to let us know how it worked for you

Make friends with your fears and offer them love. Offer love to each person you encounter who is feeling fearful. Let us transform and open together.

MBY 2021 Offerings:

Private Online Sessions
Suited to your Individual needs
Zoom or Skype

Kundalini Workshop in Gozo
Saturday Feb 5th
11 – 3pm

MBY KriyaAsana 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
April 28th – June 12th
October 20th – December 4th

MBY Inside/Out Retreat
October 9 – 16th
(more details soon!)

Wishing you all a great inner start to the new year – be kind to yourselves
Michelle xx

MBY Kundalini Kriya Workshop
For those who are seasoned to the practice and equally for those who are not & would like a taster of what this practice is all about.
We will be working with a few specific sequences to help transcend our weaknesses and find more vitality and stamina in our everyday lives.
The morning will consist of meditation & movement practices. We will then break for a healthy vegetarian lunch before we reconvene for the afternoon session which will include chanting, intention practices & meditation.
Saturday Feb 6th
Gharb, Gozo (will send address once booking is made)
60 euros (limited to 8 participants)
Full payment secures space
Payments can be made via Revolut and/or Paypal
Contact me to book your spot.
Details re payment will be forwarded once you book via private message or email: info@michellebartoloyoga.com
Looking forward to spreading the gems of this practice.
Feel free to reach out with any questions and/or concerns
‘Today is the tomorrow you were worried about Yesterday’ – Anthony Hopkins
SatNamNamaste ?

Light a candle. Have a blanket close by and get cosy

Perfect for a Sunday eve in winter

FREE for you recorded live from our home studio


Meditation by: Michelle Bartolo

Sounds by: Mawk Phoenix


This unique blend has been a favourite of mine for the past 5 years now.

I often got stopped and asked what the scent was I was wearing so decided to share my custom blend for others to enjoy.

PRAGYA is a sanskrit word meaning WISDOM – may we use what we can to help us grow on 😉

I created this blend when I packed my life up to travel the open road with few plans and no place to call home.

I chose VETIVER for it’s grounding qualities, ROSE for keeping me centred in my heart & BERGAMOT to ease anxiety, create calmness and creativity.

All oils used are sourced from a special apothecary in Boulder, Colorado called Rebecca’s Apothecary.

They grow all their own wild & organic plants and extract their own oils from them.

10ml perfume = 15 euros + shipping costs if applicable.

A great gift idea for the holiday season


2 0 2 0  VISION

Greetings earthlings!
Here it is, the last newsletter of 2020 with gifts for mind & body in hope that all is well and healthy in your worlds.

I’d like to share a personal journey I went through a couple months ago.
A cyst was found in my left ovary that was pretty large (5cm x 4cm) & it had to be removed – it even had hair bones & teeth (embryonic matter) – freaky!

It was a surreal experience initially – 3 gyne’s here in Gozo recommended a TOTAL hysterectomy which I thought was nuts for the issue was only inside one ovary. Luckily my chinese doctor recommended another gyne here who is not for just pulling everything out – whew – she helped ease my worries very much so and left me feeling hopeful – always follow your gut!

For the next 3 months I was on a strict diet prescribed by my Chinese doctor to remove dampness which contributes to cyst growth and repeated daily affirmations AND I managed to shrink this ‘dermoid’ cyst 2cm!! YET it was still recommended to remove my ovary for it could keep shrinking and growing & maybe even burst and create ovarian cancer. Physically the diet suited me greatly as it kept me feeling light & energetic so that’s been a keeper.

Mentally, I began researching what ‘energetic’s’ may have helped create this cyst to grow inside of me. In my studies much of what we suffer from is claimed to be psychosomatic. My partner recommended a great book he grew up with titled ‘The Power of Illness’ by Thorwald Dethlefsen.

I opened to the chapter on ovaries. Read a bit and had to close the book a moment as it was a hard truth to face. Yet it was spot on – my mind had been running a programme I was not aware of. I spent three months doing affirmations to change that programming and can now proudly say that ‘new’ programme is naturally running…

That’s my 2020 vision for this year. A real eye opener.
I feel 2020 is showing us where we need to clear up our vision.
It’s like we have been forced to see what we were not willing to look at all of these years – in ourselves, others & in the world. On both an individual & global scale.

What has 2020 forced you to ‘see’?
What did this year teach you about yourself and/or others?
In what area of your life do you feel you’ve grown through this past year?

In hope that you will share & if not at least reflect…

Some tips on how to LEVEL UP your energy
1. Get Honest – we can’t change what we continue to deny. Be brave, be honest.
2. Get to know Yourself – how do you react? do you shut down/shut off & go into       coping & distraction? Engage in ego battles? Guilt/blame the other?
3. Do what you’re Avoiding – it may seem simple but this is ultimately something outside of our comfort zone which is why we’re avoiding it.
4. Baby steps – no matter how small a step committing to facing instead of avoiding is still a HUGE step forward.
5. Honour the Process – there is one way to do this. You will succeed, avoid and go back and forth through this. It is normal. You do not ‘fail’ just because of a ‘misstep’
6. HYPE YOURSELF UP – no one but you sees your progress, encourage & be proud of yourself through it all 

– by the Ace of Moon



I wish you & your loved ones all a merry season
Let’s remember to be grateful for all we have
In mind, body & spirit
Blessings, Peace & Strength


FIRE EARTH & ETHER is our Soundbath & Meditation group made up of me, Michelle Bartolo and my musically very talented partner Mawk Phoenix (more of him on youtube)


We decided to record live sessions from our home studio in Gozo every two weeks to help ease your tension and wash away your worries. We do hope you enjoy them



Negative Emotions can lead us to Expansiveness

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Buddha 🙂

The place where our inner light has grown dim, destructive, rigid & resistant.
We all experience these phases in our life.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of as it’s part of our human experience.
Yet when our inner critic becomes loud on the inside, we become harsh on others.; have you experienced that? What a lesson to learn!

This ‘tool’ has helped me understand the harshness in others and that it’s about their pain and their triggers – I’ve learnt to not take it personally (sometimes).
It’s also taught me that when I fall into that critical headspace it’s time to sit & self reflect more inwards – as our critic sprouts from the inside/out.

What if your negative emotions were showing you what you need to learn about yourself?
What if you could be with those negative emotions instead of suffocating or burying it with a drink, food or some other distraction?
What if your negative emotions could actually lead you to expansion? 

As we work towards strengthening our digestion through this Fall season, we look at how we digest everything. When someone is unkind, when someone cuts you off, is rude etc.
How do you digest life?
Reflecting on how we  digest everything helps to keep the large intestine in good shape as we train it to LET GO of what we hold onto or what may be stagnant.

Anger can also lead us into deeper insights and expansion.
It’s a normal human emotion which can also be healthy or unhealthy.
Gabor Mate (another one of me favourites) speaks of how all these emotions can have a fatal effect on our health.

What’s the difference between healthy anger &  unhealthy anger?
Healthy anger is being angry in the moment, and then letting it go – unhealthy anger is carrying that anger around with you for years upon years only hurting yourself .
More hard truths….yet having this knowledge only places us more in power of our well being. We know our external environments are not in our control, yet our internal ones are.

The power of illness teaches us where we need to EXPAND.

Food for so much thought…

Here is a kriya to help you release what is stored in the large intestine – if your  knees are sensitive this is not for you. Ladies this is not recommended when you are on your cycle or pregnant.

I’d LOVE to hear your answers to any of the above questions and/or any other shares to connect our human threads.
Hearing from readers lets me know more about you
It keeps the cycle alive 😉

“Negative emotion is always the red flag alerting you to the fact that there is something there to learn. It is alerting you that you have come to the crossroads of personal expansion. If you avoid the negative feeling you also avoid the lesson and the expansion” Teal Swan

MBY 2020/2021 Offerings

Online Private Yoga Sessions from my home to yours
Via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp
60 euros / session
10 x sessions for 550 euros (no expiry)

MBY KriyaAsana LIVE classes | GOZO
Mondays & Wednesdays
18.30 – 20.00
Booking is necessary

MBY KriyaAsana 200 hr YTT in GOZO | 2021
Spring and Fall Equinox


If you missed this song last time around….
Produced by Mawk Phoenix / performed by Colleen McMahon

Wishing you everything you wish for and don’t forget to PLAY  & FEEL JOY  :)))
This year is not about getting what we want, it’s about appreciating what we have.

(truth is my identity/the divine in me honours the divine in you/ peace peace)
Michelle x

Balancing our Yin & Yang Organs, the Lungs & Large Intestine

Autumn in the Seasonal Yoga calendar runs all the way until the December Equinox on the 21st. During this time of year, the Lung and Large Intestine are the dominant organs. There is a sense of gathering inwards and it is a perfect time to delve deep into our pranayama practice aka Yogic breath work.
A simple breath work practice which is a natural tranquiliser for the nervous system is :

Breathe In x 4 seconds
Hold in the breath x 7 seconds
Breath out x 8 seconds
Repeat 4 times

To be centred and comfortable during this time of transition, one must support both halves of the life balance. Here’s how.

Recognise the yin: Strengthen your Lung qi.

Chinese medicine teaches that Lung qi is closely associated with immunity. This time of year, it is wise to work with the Lung to reinforce your resistance to seasonal viruses and common dry-weather skin irritations.

Respect and support Lung qi through your diet. Warming, rich spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove are so much a part of fall cuisine. Surprise! These seasonal favourites are also harmonious with Lung qi. Many delicious, nutritious vegetables are part of a Lung-boosting plate as well: cabbage, onion, garlic, sweet potato, turnip, cauliflower, pumpkin…and those are just a few.

Support the yang: Acknowledge natural endings, nurture new beginnings

Releasing what we don’t need is, after all, the function of the Large Intestine, autumn’s other dominant organ.

Here are some October Journal Prompts:
What do I need to focus on?
I release and let go of….
It’s ok for me to change…
List 3 new things you want to learn

Revel in the shifting of the seasons—honour and embrace the storing, reorganising and releasing you sense going on inside yourself.