We would like to invite you all to join us on this special intimate musical evening with Mawk Phoenix.

Mawk Phoenix aka Marc Dold is a Swiss-born music creator who resided & worked in LA for 20 years and is now based in Gozo.

In his live performances Mawk builds a unique blend of acoustic guitars and lush, tribal electronic beats and textures , which he calls Acoustica. This is his PR’s description of his album which was officially released last month

‘Listeners emerge from a vast wilderness enveloped in a fog of loneliness and self doubt to find a sonic meadow where senses are brimmed with warmth and exhilarating clarity of self. It’s a sonic journey to a zenith of tranquility & transcendence.’

What others have to say about Mawk Phoenix’s latest album release, This is the Sound

‘Brilliant piece of work’ Back to Culture UK

‘Love it – it’s as if Simon & Garfunkel collaborated with Air’ Funky SX (UK)

‘The sexy Brit vocal like Sting and Peter Gabriel’ NTS Radio (UK/US)

The former producer of hits for artists like Celine Dion, Enya, Peter Gabriel, Nelly Furtado and many more has left the commercial realm to create a very introspective and authentic collection of songs on transformation.

Date: Friday November 22nd / 2019
Location: Gharb

Time: 20.00
Music will start at 21.00

Cost: 10 euros

We will provide nibbles for your palates pleasure…


Here are some links to Mawk’s music:

Here is Mawk Phoenix, Singer/Songwriters site:

Here is Marc Dold’s producer site:

Spotify, Apple Music, etc:

New VIdeo on YouTube:

Mawk Phoenix on FB & Instagram

Time to Rise!

Numerology Forecast for October 2019: Strengthen Your Nervous System and Maintain Your Equilibrium

By Nam Hari Kaur

We are entering the final 90 day countdown of a decade, and much is spinning in the collective ethos. There is a sense of longing for so much more than we have previously allowed ourselves, combined with the desire to find our spiritual soul mates to accompany us in the journey ahead.

A great longing abounds in October, and that is because both the Mastery (month) and Gift (last 2 digits of year), are the number 10. These double 10’s comprise the Heart calculation, and with a Heart number of 20 there is an amplified “longing to belong.”

This longing will manifest itself in many forms, and for the yogis among us there is the opportunity of having a breakthrough that will create alignment and synchronicity with our spiritual destiny.

The only question is, can your nervous system handle it? Yes, number 10 is the nervous system as well as the skeletal structure. Include roots vegetables in your diet, such as sweet potatoes, beets, onions, garlic, and turnips. Celery juice and ginger in any form is good for your nervous system, with ginger having the added benefit of helping the spinal nerves.

A beautiful way to move through the last 90 days of 2019 is to practice the “Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Disease-Free.” It creates a pranic force in the Radiant Body, and repels negativity away from you. You are your own spiritual bodyguard!

One of the ways we can directly help our nervous system is by making good choices in our relationships. This month of October will test your boundaries and the ability to say “No!” when you feel overwhelmed by demanding people. And it will get demanding at times, because the frequency is changing yet again on the planet, and not everyone is in a position to handle it gracefully.

The number 10 represents issues of authority, leadership, courage, and the ability to believe in one’s own capacity to handle a situation. When the Radiant Body and nervous system are strong we have a magnetic presence that attracts opportunity and commands respect. In the positive polarity the number 10 is respectful of others, and is a kind and benevolent ruler. In the negative polarity 10 can be tyrannical, with a “Because I said so!” attitude. A rattling of sabers abounds in October so choose your battles wisely, or just stay out of the ring if things get too crazy. And at times, they will.

It is important to keep a broad perspective along with long range vision in order to best understand what is occurring over the next 90 days. The world is not falling apart, it is just restructuring itself in preparation for greater changes in 2020. These changes will manifest in the positive polarity through creative cooperation and our combined conscious vision.

No matter what anything may look like, there are abundant solutions for a win-win outcome.

Looking towards 2020, the number 2 is a feminine energy number, and represents the themes of harmony, balance, support, and creative cooperation. This is a necessary evolution from the number 1 decade (2010-2019), where the themes of independence, personal domain, and “My way or the highway!” have prevailed at times.

It is interesting to me that in America some of the male political candidates have what we call in the world of women, “An evolved female side.” They are solid men, yet still hold a space of sensitivity and inclusiveness. (Yes!)

It is the balance of the masculine and feminine within us all that is now evolving, and this is how we can save the world and have healthy relationships.

Touching back on the theme of the double 10’s in the Heart calculation, everyone at some point this month will be tested in the area of “not giving oneself away.” This means that where you previously have caved in on your personal boundaries and sense of self-respect, you will now be in a position to recognize, “Hey, that’s not for me, and I’m not doing it that way anymore!”

This is a really huge revelation, and will set the tone for 2020 and beyond. You are worthy of conscious balanced relationships, and it requires an effort on your part to maintain the equilibrium.

Equilibrium is the keynote theme of October, as number 10 embodies the dynamic of, “All or Nothing!” That motto can get quite exhausting, and I know this personally because I am a 10 Soul number. Way back in the early days of my training Yogi Bhajan once said to me, “Not too much, not too little.” A good motto to live by.

Within the scope of the Universal Intelligence there is a gaining momentum for change and evolution. If you are ready, willing, and able to ask the higher powers for help and guidance it will be granted. Just sit in a simple meditative posture and say, “My Dear Heavenly Angel, guide me on the path to my heart’s fulfillment and Soul’s longing. Keep me protected and safe in my journey, and bless those around me with your Grace.”

There you go, happy trails to you, and Sat Nam

Here’s a few short videos with descriptions of their benefits & instruction


All aspects of prosperity; mainly courage & character – the things money can’t buy – prosperity comes from within


To become rich & prosperous with wealth and values is to have the strength to come through it. It means transmissions from your brain and the power of your intuition can immediately tell you what to do. By practicing this meditation, you will be in a position to immediately change gears. If you need to go in reverse, you can – If you need to go forward, you can.

Moon mound refers to the outer side of the hand along your pinky finger. The side of the hand along the index finger is called Jupiter. Place the thumbs under the index fingers, thumbs cross below the hands with the right thumb under the left – then hit the Moon and hit Jupiter & this will straighten your head out 🙂

When Jupiter and the Moon come together, there is no way in the world you will not create wealth. I’m not talking of money. Money is a common word. Money is only a medium. I’m talking of a wealth that will come to you – Yogi Bhajan

Do this for 1-3 minutes for a full week or even better for 40 days straight and watch the magic happen



We all need to be as vital as we can possibly be in order to serve and uplift ourselves and everyone around us. Vitality doesn’t mean just energy; it also means a moral and ethical integrity that guides our identity and our decision-making; a flexibility and tolerance that not only allows for differences but also forgives shortcomings; and a capacity for change that embraces the future with hope instead of succumbing to doubt or fear – 3HO Foundation


  • Increased inner vitality & energy 🙂


This advanced immune therapy hits at viruses and bacteria. The head must be covered, or else you can get a headache. This is a kind of tantric kriya. The immune system interacts with the central nervous system, the glands, and emotions. We are each given the strength to encounter life and life’s challenges. We have moral strength, mental strength, emotional strength, and physical strength. All these strengths are inter-connected. We block the flow of that strength when we experience feelings of anger, self-defeat, and blame. To boost the immune system, we must overcome these blocks. The right hemisphere of the brain stores many of the diffuse negative emotions that lead us to depression and to a lower functioning immune system.


This meditation stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and the right hemisphere to adjust themselves. In this process you may go through various emotions as the glands start to shift their balance. That is fine. Relax and keep going until you are through the emotional inertia. Then you will feel light, energised, and hopeful.

With gradual practice you can take the time up to 31 minutes. At that level your whole system is cleaned and rejuvenated. The immune system will have new vigour and will not be blocked by inner conflict. This type of breathing is called the “sunbreath.” – 3HO Foundation

Start with a practice of 3-5mins & feel free to share your experience SatNamNamaste x


Frog Pose works on your upper thighs. The stimulation of this part of your body impacts your kidneys, it’s a part of the body where we store fear and experiences from the past. It also plays a big role in our fight/flight behavior, we need those muscles to either run away as fast as we can or defend ourselves. The hormones related to our automatic fight/flight reactions are produced by the adrenals that are situated just above your kidneys.


Opening the flow of energy Frog Pose works on opening the flow of energy in the second chakra area of the body, the pelvis and sex organs. It builds your sexual potency and balances the sexual energies. This energy is a very vital energy and again the kidneys play an important role in transforming this energy into Ojas, a vital life fluid that sustains our body. Doing Frog Pose can certainly help you to work with themes connected to the second chakra like your self-esteem, sexuality, creativity and fear. It’s an exercise that can help you tap back into the flow of life. Last but not least this single exercise increases the circulation in your body, builds your stamina, your cardiovascular & respiratory system!



This particular kriya is going back to the roots of an animal type movement, popcorn jumping up and down. The suggested time is 6 min but start with 1 min/day and slowly increase it. Take breaks if necessary. Always breathing through the nose, cleansing that inner space. In yogic science the sciatic nerve is connected to the brain chemistry balance.


We are stretching and strengthening the spine, hamstrings & core. This will help headaches & stagnancy in the blood. Stretches the spine & sciatic nerve which is directly linked to our brain chemistry in Yogic Science


Practice this kriya when you’re heart is feeling heavy, unloving & you feel a sense of closure happening in your chest. Hands are together and the elbows are up & parallel to one another Pressing the heels of the hands together firmly Inhale 4 sharp inhales from the nose Exhale 4 sharp exhales from the nose


A calm, centred compassionate heart

Practice for 1-3 min or until you feel your heart is calmer

To end – inhale & hold the breath in, engage everything from your groin to your belly back and up – hold as long as you can then exhale slowly and feel your experience.

All good facets of the being are through compassion, and that is the heart center. It is the beauty, it is the dignity, it is the ecstasy of the human being. – Yogi Bhajan



This kriya opens the bladder meridian to strengthen the kidneys which is where we store our fears. The kidneys are also linked to the nervous system.

Sitting at a 90 degree angle with your legs straight out in front and your arms up – parallel to the earth – inhale up and exhale forward as fast as you can go to the mantra Har Har Har ( on youtube) Be sure to keep your chin in and your spine is straight, as you lift from the lower back

Practice for 1-3 mins


One with a strong nervous system has a system more like a large steel barrel with the ability to hold whatever comes their way. This person can experience and process painful events faster as they can allow the experience without avoiding it. This person can experience more depth in meditation and can meditate for hours without distracting pain. When the nervous system develops the capacity to hold pain, then you can heal. You want to create the capacity to hold pain and then the system can bring awareness to it and then release it. – Spirit Voyage



Kriya practice in line with the planetary times during New Moon in Leo supports our 3rd chakra of Sun energy Mercury going direct supports our creativity of how we share our hearts desires – creativity is 2nd chakra . .

Sitting in Sukasana with the hands in the Gyan Hand Mudra & churn the upper torso in a counter clockwise motion – keep the jaw relaxed, teeth separated & close the eyes and gaze at the 3rd eye

Do for 2 mins with steady breath and rhythm Then do 1 more minute as vigorously as you can To end stay centre, inhale & hold – exhale and be still to feel your experience . .


Balances lower three chakras – your I AM – I FEEL & I DO centres Helps digestion and all organs that support it – Digestion also refers to how you digest EVERYTHING in life – opens lower spine, creativity, courage & confidence



August Newsletter

Aligning with the planetary times as they are back in their natural orbits – we are now supported & set to propel forward with our creative heartfelt instincts & discoveries. During the next 10 weeks we are supported with our ability to co ordinate, put things together & understand the whole in all its parts
Augusts theme is to set the creativity of your hearts sensitive energy into motion by using DISCOVERY – that may be a talent you never knew you had, a truth about a passion that needs to be cultivated , a relationship and/or friendship that no longer serves your growth, courage to let go of what holds you back & knowing you can and/or practicing becoming aware of your actions, reactions & intentions instead of projecting our expectations & inner issues onto others. Make it playful, light & always real to your hearts truth. Be vulnerable in your communication while sharing your innermost insecurities & fears. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel.

I’ve chosen a kriya this month that stirs up our lower three bodies ( your I AM, I FEEL & I DO centres) to be sure our creativity can flow through & that we are learning to digest all aspects of what life may throw our way as creatively & with a sense of discovery  – remember, PLAY LEADS THE WAY! Here’s the Kriya to balance your lower three bodies – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02plOg8Z-vw

This kriya balances the lower three bodies, helps with digestion & all the organs that support it, opens up the lower spine, creativity, courage & confidence. Practice this for 2 mins with steady breath & rhythm. Then do 1 more minute as vigorously as you can. 
To end, take a deep inhale and hold it in – then exhale be still & feel your experience.

Diving into these healing kriyas on a deeper level has an incredibly powerful effect on our mind, body & spirit. If you feel the calling I have some options of Teacher Trainings for the deep free divers, Week Long Retreats for the scuba divers a 4 day Fall Equinox Wellness Retreat for the Snorkelers & ongoing classes, privates  & workshops which are also available online for the ones who wanna dip a toe in –

You can choose the depth you wish to go…. a wee bit of funny for ya 😉

MBY KriyaAsana 200 hr YTT in Gozo from September – November for the deep free divers – you decide what you want to heal and I put together a practice that guides you there – full days of practice, support, guidance & connection

MBY Fall Equinox Wellness Retreat for the Snorkelling kind in my homeland – Oh Canadaaah! – think wilderness, bonfires, hikes, incredible healthy artisan food, great hosts, a wood cabin and some light practice.
All that is happening at the 4 day Fall Equinox Wellness Retreat up at Blue Mountain in Ontario from September 19-22. There are 4 spaces left.
A great time for transitions. Read more here: 

MBY Inside/Out Week Retreat in Gozo for the scuba divers –  from October 5-12th gives you a holiday, rest & revival with a solid practice to take home. We will be staying in a traditional Gozitan farmhouse in the quiet village of Gharb – it’s my favourite 🙂 Blue waters, warm temps, sunrises & sunsets that create lighting that will awe your socks off & lots of peace & quiet on this little island we call home.
More details here:
If this year just doesn’t work out for you I’ll be in Ayampe, Ecuador in the new year from Jan 10 – Feb 10th for another MBY 200 hr KriyaAsana YTT at Wild Child Village which is an Eco retreat centre built of bamboo in the lush jungle on a hilltop- a perfect place to cut off and dive into the depths of your hearts desires & creativity & to challenge your rigidity by stepping out of your Western creature comforts to live simply in tune with mother nature. Impressive beyond belief – more details here:

Feel free to drop me a line anytime – I was so touched last month to receive so many responses to the newsletter – If you need a kriya for anything at all let me know & if you want to share anything about this practice I’m sending you this time please do!

I thank all of you for your readership & I hope you get some value towards your mind, body & spirit in return.

“It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives” – Marianne Williamson (she’s running for president in the USA – takin it to the next level -check her out! )

Blessings along your way


MBY June Newsletter

That is my favourite quote from the film The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. When I watched it my resistance was high in a number of areas in my life – resistance comes from our fears – excuses also represent our resistances &  fears.

The definition of resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something – it’s a feeling that comes on strong – where you start making a gazillion excuses – you can feel your inner walls go up –  it’s most likely old & the way to release it is to grow through it. If you don’t you end up weakening the nervous system & abusing it 

This ties in with this months theme of building the nervous system so we are strong, willing & able enough to accept the SHOCKS of life – adapting to whatever LIFE may throw at us without reacting in a negative way – the stronger our nervous system is  – the easier this practice becomes.

Here’s a kriya that opens up the bladder meridian and strengthens the kidneys which store our fears.

Feel free to reach out with any comments and/or concerns. If you can do this for the full 3 minutes and would like to do it for 40 days straight with some mentoring  –  i’m here!

I taught a kids yoga class last week as part of Yoga International Day here in Gozo and noticed how little resistance they have to trying to new things –  the kids asked for more, soooo I’ll be giving KIDS YOGA classes in Gharb, Gozo from July 8-29th  More info here:

If you’re ready for more join me on a retreat and/or teacher training this fall / winter …. 

 I will be at Blue Mountain, Ontario in Canada for a Fall Equinox Wellness Weekend September 19-22 and we have 2 spaces available – https://michellebartoloyoga.com/blue-mountain-ontario-canada-retreat-house-weekend-yoga-retreat-sept-21-23/

Fancy a week retreating on a small tranquil island in the med?  Check out my Inside/Out KriyaAsana Retreat week in Gozo from Oct 5-12th for more of these practices, good meals, lovely people and Gozo’s chilled – ness

A great way to bring in 2020 is to deeply dive & connect to all you are in a way you never thought possible. I will be guiding two YTT’s – 
Here’s the info for the one in Gozo in October

The second YTT will be in Ecuador in the lush jungle with few distractions in a special location called Ayampe – our YTT venue is Wild Child Village – it’s an incredibly innovative eco boutique bamboo structure that works WITH nature instead of against it. Immersed in jungle life & few distractions – proper YOU time.

I’m also available online for privates from my home to yours when time suits you best. I can tailor private retreats to suit your individual and/or groups needs.

Speaking of resistance..here’s my one and only full online FREE class as I’m still working on creating the subscription channel folks..hahha

Thanks for subscribing, for taking the time to read through this & THANK YOU FOR BEING

xThe idea is for people to be strong and to let them control their weaknesses. When you want to stop water from flowing in one direction, you put up a dike to stop the flow and then open up a channel for it to flow in another direction. Human energy works in exactly the same way. You stop it from flowing to the negative or destructive side and you will have an equal amount of energy to flow in a positive direction. Just remember: there is X amount of energy in you and you are its master. You can use it the way you want and direct it in the way you want it go. Yogi Bhajan 

On Summer Solstice & Gozo’s 1st International Yoga Day we held a kids yoga class here in Gozo and we all had a lot of fun. One girl said ” We should do yoga all day instead of going to school!”

Why Yoga for Kids?

  • Refining flexibility and balance. Yoga poses have been shown to build muscle, increase flexibility, and develop balance. …
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety. …
  • Developing concentration and focus. …
  • Creating Mind-Body Connection. …
  • Encouraging Sense of Self, Community, and Teamwork.

Yoga presented in a child’s language can help counter the stress experienced by little ones living in a hurry-up world

When children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment, they can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive. Fostering cooperation and compassion—instead of opposition—is a great gift to give our children.

The physical movements introduce kids to yoga’s true meaning: union, expression, and honor for oneself and one’s part in the delicate web of life

  • Classes will be held in Gharb (contact me for the full address 99670342)
  • Classes will be 40 min in length and will run each Monday @ 10am from July 8th – July 29th
  • The classes will be sold as a course committing to each week which will cost 50 euros / child for the 4 classes
  • Full payment secures your space. Maximum children is 10.
  • Mats & Blocks provided
  • Children aged 6 – 12 yrs old are welcome

Let’s pave the way for the younger generation and pass on the tools that make life a lot more enjoyable, relaxing & present

Namaste 🙂

Gozo had it’s first International Yoga Day up in the Cittadel on Friday June 21st and it was great to be a part of this seed that is being planted.

The day started with a meditation and 108 Sun Salutations as each teacher took their turn and shared their style, we all flowed together as the sun rose over the high limestone walls to greet us on the lightest day of the year.

As the day went on there were numerous classes such as Yin Yoga, Breathwork, Kundalini, Kids Yoga, Hatha Yoga & chanting being offered for a donation of 1 euro which was given to the SPCA here in Gozo (animal protection)

It was a beautiful experience and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Well done to the organisers for this great initiative!

SatNamNamaste x

I have just come out of running a 3 day silent retreat in Gozo for two sisters and it was a beautiful experience to witness

There were no words – just love, support & a safe space to draw inwards – time to rest- to find their own inner power in their own way – healing one another with pure presence. One of them had mentioned how great it was to have nobody needing anything from you for just a few days – as a mother of 2 small children running her own business she’s needed. We have more to give when we top ourselves up…

They practiced meditation, kriyas, asanas, dancing, laughing, eating meditations and a walking meditation – with ZERO resistance –

They sure did impress me.

If this is something you’d like more information about please write to me to find out how it runs…

SatNamNamaste x

Inspired by a series of parties that take place across the world – we wanted to completely subvert the concept of partying in Malta. We wanted to move away from the negative connotations and associations and completely flip the tables – throwing a party first thing in the morning. Replacing alcohol with fresh juice and healthy breakfasts. Getting people pumped up before work. Leaving people on a natural high to start their day.

-Early start to your day 5.30am Yoga with MBY
-High energy and a great work out Zumba and Estatic Dance
-Great way to meet like minded individuals
-Breakfast post rave

For more information contact Morning Booster https://morningbooster.org/?fbclid=IwAR0JsEOD32qWxc738aBEYkLna9L4fPMepFn0sYwEJvKPhDAjUuKOK2vSYLo#event


This coming Saturday April 20th from 12.00 – 13.30 I will be giving a KriyaAsana masterclass at Freemyme in Sliema – feel free to book your spot here http://freemyme.com/workshops-and-retreats if you’d like to join us 

This open level class will cover a Kundalini Kriya Set that helps to cleanse your magnetic field so you can become a magnet for all your heart wants to attract. Kriyas involve sound, breath & movement that work closer to our nervous systems to keep them calm and clear.

Our hearts radiate 9 feet – inside to the outside – some wear white during this practice as it gives you one more foot to radiate…

You can begin to think of the seeds you’d like to plant to become a magnet for all you wish for in your life. This set will help cleanse and clear the energy around you so the path is clear for you to become magnetic.

It is advised to not eat at least one hour before our class together.