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This coming Summer  from July 10th – 14th I am ELATED to announce  some priceless workshops from  a great teacher, Simon Borg Olivier. Simon is from Sydney, Australia and has Maltese origins.

Simon’s bio speaks for itself….

Simon Borg-Olivier is a director of YogaSynergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools. Simon has been teaching since 1982 and is a registered physiotherapist, University lecturer and keynote speaker at international conferences.

Simon was introduced to yoga at age six, learning breath retentions from his father and the main bandhas (internal locks) from Basil Brown, an Olympic athlete. At age 17, Simon studied with a Tibetan Lama who introduced him to tantric yoga. In 1980, Simon began the postures of hatha yoga and eventually learned with BKS Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois and TKV Desikachar.

Simon met his main teacher Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) in 1985 and studied with him for almost two decades. To this day, Zhander remains an inspiration and mentor to Simon.

Simon studied and taught at Sydney University over a 20 year period. He completed a Bachelor of Science in human biology, a Master of Science in molecular biology and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy. In 1988, Simon met physiotherapist and yoga teacher Bianca Machliss. Over the last 20 years, Simon and Bianca have developed the unique YogaSynergy system.

Simon has contributed chapters to several technical books including ‘An Introduction to Complementary Medicine’ (2005), edited by Terry Robson and ‘Integrative Medicine Perspectives’ (2007), edited by Professor Marc Cohen. He regularly contributes to ‘Australian Yoga Life Magazine’, ‘Well Being Magazine’, ‘Australian Natural Health Magazine’, Art of Healing Magazine’ and several Russian Yoga Journals.

Simon is regularly invited to speak on radio and has had numerous television appearances. He has also been invited to be a guest speaker at numerous conventions and conferences across a range of industries, including yoga and Ayurveda, pilates, fitness and physiotherapy.

Simon is a highly sought after yoga teacher trainer and is an invited lecturer on many major training courses both in Australia and internationally. He specialises in the Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga. He has trained teachers at the YTAA, IYTA, Sydney Yoga Centre, Yoga Arts, InspyaYoga, ‘Vibrant Living Yoga Teacher Training’ (Bali), Yoga Jaya (Japan) and others.

Simon is the main lecturer of the ‘Integrative Applied Eastern Anatomy and Physiology’ course that is part of two internationally recognised degrees – the Bachelor of Wellness and the Master of Wellness, RMIT.

Simon teaches about 10 classes a week and gives private consultations. He teaches special workshops and conferences 20 to 30 times a year. He lives in Sydney with his wife, Vitoria, and their children, Amaliah and Eric

Simon will be offering a whole week of workshops which will help you deepen your current practice. This is such a TREAT!!!

Each workshop will run for 3hrs.

These workshops are ideal for teachers and/or those of you seeking to deepen your knowledge &  practice.

The workshops will be hosted at The Palms, a secluded peaceful setting which is walled in like a mini medina, surroundings include lovely gardens and tennis courts. It is located in  Ta Giorni, Malta, which is close to St Julians.

Click here for the google map to The Palms.,14.490259&spn=0.007629,0.013797&sll=35.913625,14.486144&sspn=0.007629,0.013797&hnear=Triq+Ta’+Giorni,+St+Julian’s,+Malta&t=m&z=16

There is plenty of space on the grounds outdoors for us to host these workshops under the blue sky and warm sun. We also have an indoor space available, this will work weather permitting.

The workshop week will run from Tuesday July 10- Saturday July 14th (both days inclusive)

Workshop times: 7.30am – 10.30am (beat the heat)

Workshop Description:

Each workshop will be in succession. It is ideal to be able to come to all of them but if this is not possible feel free to choose which workshop(s) are most important to you.

**PLEASE NOTE it is mandatory that you have attended at least 1 workshop in the week to be able to attend the final workshop on Saturday July 14th.

Workshop 1/Tuesday July 10th

Selecting the Spine

*developing energy and flexibility with core strength

*learning how to make your life a graceful dance and rid yourself of back pain

Workshop /Wednesday July 11th

* Get Leggy

*developing external power and internal health

*how to make your life easy and pain free

Workshop 3/Thursday July 12th

* Arms Abound

*developing internal power with strong heart and lungs

*learning to make your life fun and practical

Workshop 4/Friday July 13th

* Boundless Breath

*moving energy and information through your body

*how to comfortably breathe less, sleep less and choose to eat less

Workshop 5/Saturday July 14th

* Master Mind

*developing dynamic meditation and static meditation

*learn how to control your emotions



EARLY BIRD BOOKING until 15th of May 2012

Single workshop: €55
[paypal type=”add” amount=”55″ productname=”EARLY BIRD – SINGLE WORKSHOP” sku=”EARLYBIRD-single workshop” ]
5 x Workshops – WEEK €260
[paypal type=”add” amount=”260″ productname=”EARLY BIRD – 5workshop week” sku=”EARLYBIRD-5xworkshop week” ]

REGULAR FEE:  16th May – July 10th 2012

Single workshop: €65
[paypal type=”add” amount=”65″ productname=”Regular – SINGLE WORKSHOP” sku=”Regular-single workshop” ]
5 x Workshops – WEEK €285
[paypal type=”add” amount=”285″ productname=”Regular – 5workshop week” sku=”Regular-5xworkshop week” ]
Amount is to be paid in full to secure booking.

The Kempinski Hotel Gozo offers Special Discounts Deals

Superior country view double room at Eur 135 per night including taxes, breakfast

Deluxe pool view single room at Eur 135 per night including taxes, breakfast

Deluxe pool view double room at Eur 160 per night including taxes, breakfast

All above rates with payment upon check-out and 48 hours cancellation

policy prior to booked arrival date.


Listen to Simon here by clicking on the link below

All About Simon Borg Olivier

* Please book asap by writing to

Accomodation Suggestions

*The Kepinski Hotel

Tel: +356 22110000

*Baron Group Homes/Gozo

*Gozo Village Holidays

*Frank Salt/Gozo

Yella fella’s and bella’s!

Come join us this coming Saturday March 24th @ Ghajn Tuffieha for a FREE Spring Sunset Yoga session on thee beach!

We will commence the session at 5pm, meeting right down on the beach.

Please provide your own mat/towel

**For any of you who are willing and able,  I will also be hosting a Beach Cleanup on this day before the Yoga session. We will be there from 2pm . This cleanup is hosted by my voluntary beach cleaning group That’s Rubbish! We have collaborated with Surfrider Foundation Europe and are proud to announce that this is Malta’s 3rd Annual Ocean’s Initiative European Wide Cleanup. For further information please contact me on

 Ever wonder what the person next to you in yoga is really thinking? These two hilarious videos pretty much nail every stereotype in the book. (Thanks to YogaDork for the tip!)

As a longtime yoga teacher, I remember when part of my job used to consist of talking resistant people into trying it for the first time.

Then maybe they love it, they lose weight, look better, feel more awake and aware, their relationships transform, blah, blah, blah. But most never set foot in a studio, never take that first step onto a sticky mat, sure from what they’ve heard that they won’t like it, or won’t be good at it, no matter how in pain they are physically, mentally or emotionally.

Well, I’m done with all that.

Yogis are fond of saying, “save your breath to cool your porridge”. And let me tell you, my pot o’ porridge bubbleth over.

After 15 years of conversations with two types of people–those who crave personal growth, and those who don’t, I have come to believe that for many people, there are some darn good reasons not to do yoga, beyond the obvious ones, like a body cast or a deep aversion to lycra.

If you fall into one of these categories, then you shouldn’t ever let some chipper, well-meaning yoga teacher like myself convince you that yoga is the right choice for you.


1) You enjoy looking 9 years older than you are. After all, Joan Crawford is super hot–so bring on the crow’s feet!

Researchers have just found that people who do just three 60-minute sessions of semi-vigorous yoga per week, were 9 years younger on average than non-exercisers.

These results showed much more than just a glowing face; Yoga changes you down to your DNA. The study found that these exercisers had much longer telomeres, or the aspect of DNA that acts as a marker for aging than people who did not move as much.

These results held for any type of exercise, but yoga goes a step farther than most, by detoxifying the body more efficiently, and stimulating and balancing the endocrine system, which among other things regulates aging, healing, metabolism and immunity. So, you’ll look younger on the outside, as well as inside!

Have you ever seen the body of a longtime yoga practitioner? Here’s one of me.


I’m 38, but people regularly mistake me for 25. It’s quite the burden to bear, but somebody has to do it.

Try my free Anti-Aging Yoga video!
2) You embrace those heavy metal toxins building up in your body as a badass homage to your Kiss concert days. Rock on!

When we walk, jog, Jazzercize, kickbox and whatnot, we gain the endorphin release and calorie burn. What we don’t lose, however, are many of our toxins, which build up in our fatty tissues, blood and organs. From mercury to dioxins, free radicals and pesticides, though they might sound like up-and-coming indie bands, they just aren’t cool.

The way to really cleanse your body, besides being careful of what you eat, drink and slather on your body, is to support your lymphatic system to do its work. In order to do this, it’s helpful to breathe deeply, and be upside down. Many of the yoga poses are specifically designed to aid in detoxification of your body, even as they sculpt and stretch it.

Check out the Yoga Detox Breath you can do anywhere!

What’s more, yoga is one of the only exercise forms that usually includes an inversion (or more) in every class. This clears your legs and hips, areas that aren’t usually elevated over the heart.

FOR MORE: To watch my Yoga for Detox videos, try these:

More Active

More Restorative

3) Your marathon time is just fine the way it is. No need for more speed.

When you stretch your body properly, and strengthen opposing muscle groups in balance, you increase your range of motion, and can move more quickly through space. For example, the space betwen the start and finish lines.

The yoga breath has been shown to increase endurance in marathoners by twice the distance in just one session!

For a cool case study I did with my brother, as I’ve done with hundreds of New York City Marathoners and casual runners alike, check out this article from Runner’s World

In addition, when you add a holistic form of exercise like yoga, you get less stress and strain building up from the one-way, repetitive movements like running, cycling and walking. Adding in a counter-practice will keep you doing that other exercise or sport you love for longer.

Try my video: Yoga For Runners, Cyclists…and You!
4) You firmly believe that the junk in your trunk needs more company.

Alan Kristal, associate head of the Cancer Prevention Program in the Public Health Sciences Division at the Hutchinson Center says, “In our earlier study, we found that middle-aged people who practice yoga gained less weight over a 10-year period than those who did not. This was independent of physical activity and dietary patterns. We hypothesized that mindfulness – a skill learned either directly or indirectly through yoga – could affect eating behavior.”

Her research found no correlation between mindful eating and other forms of exercise like cycling or running.

Not like I need a study to tell me this. I lost 40 pounds when I switched from the gym to yoga, and I’ve kept it off for over a decade. I see hundreds of clients transform from soft to svelte every year, and stay that way.

Unlike the tendency of other exercise to make you hungry so you tend to stabilize and plateau in your weight loss efforts, the brilliance of yoga is that it balances your hormones so you’re less likely to suffer from uncontrollable cravings, and it teaches you mindful awareness, so you’re more likely to choose that salad over the salami.

See my Yoga for Weight Loss video:
5) You hate yoga.

And I don’t blame you.

There are so many teachers and styles out there, the odds of finding one that you like is greater than your next blind date turning out to be Brad Pitt.

The yogier-than-thou attitude of some studios, coupled with pretzel poses and tendency to quench the thirst you have from chanting for 20 minutes with all the twig tea you can drink, can create an off-putting, too-strange atmosphere for regular people just looking for a lot of workout and maybe a little Zen.

However, whether you love the classical vibe, or you want a straight sweat session, are seeking a gentle class or a boot camp, no Sanskrit involved…there is a style, and an instructor for you.

I promise, if you ask like-minded friends, read teachers’ bios, try out a few classes, and remember that not all of us recoil from steak or glass of Pinot in horror, you will find that yoga is something you can deal with, and maybe even love.

Coming in my next post: Yoga Styles Demystified! Check back soon.

6) You think of the hospital as a cleaner, more specialized Club Med, and don’t mind staying there more often. The food isn’t as good, but the staff sure is attentive!

In a study of health insurance statistics, yogis and meditators showed hospitalization rates that were 87% less than non-yogis for heart disease, 55% less for benign and malignant tumors, 30% less for infectious diseases, and 50% less for out-patient doctor visits.?

Enough said.

7) There is no way you’d rather age than to experience a slow mental decline.

The practice of yoga often includes a meditation component, and if your teacher is aware, he or she will teach you how to transform your physical poses into a moving meditation.

As you become adept at turning your mind inward, being present and focused, you’ll keep your mind toning up on the mat, along with your newly buff body–so both will function properly your whole life long.

The cerebral cortex of the brain is your friend as you age, since it powers thought, sensory perception, language, and emotion. It can begin to deteriorate as you get older, thought to be one cause of slowing down mentally as we age.

Researchers have found that cortical regions were thicker in meditators than in controls. In older participants (aged 40 to 50 years), only the meditators showed cortical thickness that corresponded to that of younger participants (aged 20 to 30 years) in a region that carries out higher mental, emotional, and behavioral functions.

I don’t know about you, but if anything in my brain (besides my choice of men, or my nightly cravings for a Taco Bell fourth meal) can remain 20 instead of 50…I’ll take it.

Check out my Easy Meditation video:
8) Your family loves you wound tighter than a ball of rubber bands. It’s endearing when you slam the phone down, mutter and swear at your invisible boss.

Let’s look to Harvard for help with your short fuse.

Preliminary research out of the Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard’s McLean Hospital found that healthy subjects who practiced yoga for just one hour had a 27 percent increase in levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that boosts mood and lessens anxiety compared with a control group that simply sat and read for an hour.

But you don’t have to do an hour of yoga to gain instant benefits. Just a few minutes can turn your whole day around. Sometimes, instead of slamming that phone or reaching for a cigarette or Cosmo after a hard day, try busting out a few easy yoga moves, and unwind that stress ball a healthier way.

Here’s a Chair Yoga Sequence you can do at your desk!:
9) Chronic lower back pain isn’t really that bad, when compared to other things…like Swine Flu.

That chair you’re sitting on right now? Muchas crappy for your back.

Most likely, unless you’re a yogi or a dancer, had a posture-obsessed mom, or, like me, have discovered the Balance Ball Chair, you are spending a lot of time flattening out your lumbar spine, (low back curve). And this will destroy your spine as surely as if you lifted refrigerators for a living.

There’s a great article over at Men’s Health that illuminates the seriousness of this habit most everyone has, and how we’re all careening towards lower back tragedies sooner or later. Lest this all sound depressing, take heart:

Exercise, and yoga in particular, can not only erase back pain and lighten the stress on your spine, it can re-structure your body so your lower back curve is supported, healthy, and strong. What’s more, since yoga lengthens your muscles as well as work them, you won’t end up with a super strong, but too-tight back, another common cause of lumbar problems.

Sitting up a little straighter now?

Here’s my Wake Up with Yoga video to help your poor stiff back release:
10) Sleeping is for wussies.

I know you love nothing more than watching QVC at 4 am, actually considering the Obama commemorative dinner plate set because once again, you’re wide awake.
But if you’d ever like to get in your bed at night and still be there, well-rested in the morning, naturally, and easily, then yoga is one of your best bets.

Yoga breathing, regular or fancy calms your brain waves down in about 30 seconds.

Many yoga poses are designed to reset and balance your adrenal system so you’re instantly less anxious, focus your mind so your thoughts don’t get the best of you and create a more balanced central nervous system, you stop fighting or flighting, and can drop off into slumber.

For more ideas about getting to sleep naturally, read my 5-Steps to Sleep here at Huffington.

Before you take that Ambien, bust out the following moves, and begin the road towards mastering your beauty rest.

Come join in the bendy fun on Wednesday September 21st @ Tigne Point (fountains) 7-8.30pm as we represent Malta’s contribution to World Peace  by gathering for a free for all Yoga Class!!(please bring your own mat or towel). This day has now been appointed a calendar day and every country is bound to ceasefire on this day, no matter what! Such a great NGO, more info below….

In 1999, Jeremy Gilley founded Peace One Day, a non-profit organization, and in 2001 Peace One Day’s efforts were rewarded when the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September annually – Peace Day.

Every year since, countries and individuals around the world have continued to acknowledge Peace Day.

On Peace Day 2…011, Peace One Day will take the campaign for peace a step further with the launch of the Global Truce. On this day, we will have one year to manifest enough action and awareness worldwide to cause the biggest reduction in violence in history – where not only governmental figures the world over but individuals too will acknowledge an international truce and ceasefire.

 For more info go to

Hope you can all come join us, all levels and all walks of life are Welcome to spread the peace over n out there…

Peace Out! x

I believe the one thing that you surely have forever is YOU. External things are completely out of our control. The one thing you can have complete control over is YOUR thoughts, YOUR actions & YOUR reactions.

Once you get a grasp on that, you’ll find that there is no need to control anything else EVER, cause inside you’re as ‘cool as cucumber’. But to achieve this you need to spend time on your own to hear what’s rushing about in your head. Often we ‘need’ other people to escape ourselves, but you follow ‘you’ wherever you go.

So why not spend time alone to mould yourself into the best possible version of you? If you feel unable to spend time with you, this a sure sign that is exactly what you need to do. I mean, if you can’t be comfortable spending time with you how is anyone else meant to? This was all my own mind chatter in the days where I had to feel I had control over it all, although I had absolutely no control over myself back then. These words I’m sharing are what has helped me along my journey, the thoughts are the food I used to send into my body. Now Solitude is my medicine. It’s become my new ‘healthy addiction’. I live better with it than without.

You are your own forever and ever, and once you’re completely comfortable with this idea of Solidarity and that wholeness that comes with it, that will then spread to those around you.  It’s such an amazing feeling, to feel free and completely whole around whoever you meet. I must admit I still suffer with times of not always feeling ‘whole’, but it makes the times that I do, feel more fruitful.

I come from a past of lots of loss. I learnt that nothing is forever from a very young age. For many years I toyed with this idea in my mind. From a young age I always enjoyed spending time with me, and the ways I did that haven’t changed to this day as I sit here in my 40th year.

My Solitude time would include playing my favourite song real loud, and singing even louder, prancing in front of the mirror like I was the next undiscovered ‘thing’. I always kept a journal from the age of 6 and still do every now and again.  I was lucky these techniques just ‘came’ to me. They saved me.

Not many years ago I rediscovered my Journals from way back then. Wow what a trip down memory lane, and how interesting to hear my tone. It was funny cause in my journal’s I unleashed this side of me that no one else heard or saw. I was still the ‘real’ me with my friends, but just a different version. I used my writing to let out the other side, and that side, was personal. It was hard to talk to people my age about the thoughts in my head cause they’re early life experience was different.

Rediscovering my patterns then, and seeing that not many of them had changed was a real knock on the head. I often used writing as ‘escapism’ and the years where the writing started to vanish I then turned to the party antics for ‘escapism’ and the floodgates opened wide, lemme tell ya! It was a long and bumpy road but it brought me back to my center. It taught me that I needed to back way way off from the life I was living and re-connect with me. I pretty much completely isolated myself for 7 months to heal, and it was thee best cure ever. Writing came back into my life…

Now life feels pretty well balanced. I spend time with people and I equally spend time alone. When I feel I’m spending too much time with people I back off and hide away, try to re gather and re connect. We gotta keep some energy for us and this is what Solitude does for me. I’m a big believer in the mind/body connection and this is what I practice when I’m alone. I feel so much space being alone, and I love lots of space 😉 But there are also times when I meet friends and they fill me up so beautifully.


It’s all a balance.


Be your own teacher & make your practice a habit.

10 x classes Monday-Friday

 5 x Morning Classes

5 x Evening Classes


Morning classes – Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri @ 9.30-11am & Thurs @ 8.30-10am

Evening classes – Mon-Fri @ 7-8.30pm

  • Morning classes will be heat building with a 15 min meditation
  • Evening classes will be more restorative with a 30 min guided meditation