The changing of the seasons – time to plant new seeds in fertile soil 😉 So here we have 108 Sun Salutations to open us up for new growth. Divine Sound will be filling the air with some bhakti beats.

The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from south to north and vice versa in September

The word equinox is derived from the Latin words meaning “equal night.” All over the world, days and nights are approximately equal. Today, the Sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west.

At the equinoxes, the tilt of Earth relative to the Sun is zero, which means that Earth’s axis neither points toward nor away from the Sun. (However, the tilt of Earth relative to its plane of orbit, called the ecliptic plane, is always about 23.5 degrees.)

Enjoy the increasing daylight! See how your day “grows”

Why 108 Sun Salutations?

* To find FLUIDITY in repetitive movement without having to pay too much attention to instruction which allows us to draw inwards more
*MENTALLY you will feel more focused, disciplined, resilient, and committed to your yoga practice & self development
*PHYSICALLY you will feel stronger, more capable, more fluid and the connection to your body & mind will be much stronger
*ANAHATA (HEART) CHAKRA: The chakras are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, sushumna leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-realization.
*DANCE: There are 108 forms of dance in the Indian traditions.

( for more information read this article: )

I will be guiding the sun salutes and keeping count as we all tune into the same rhythm. We will begin with a warmup and then dive into the salutes. The ‘class’ will end with a bit of a cool down and a restorative meditation session.


********DAY 1*****2 **** 3 **** 4 *** 5******6

WK 1: *4sets*****8 *****12****16 ***20****24

WK 2: *24 ******24 ****24 ***24****24 ***24

WK 3: *36 ******36 ****36 ***36 ***36 ***36

WK 4: *48******48 **REST **4 ****54 ***54

***DAY 7 : REST WEEK 1, 2 & 3. WEEK 4 do *54 Salutes.
( I can’t seem to get the chart straight so hope you can make it out ok!)

Cost: 15 euros payable in advance to secure space and numbers.

*Buskett Forest
-park in the main parking area and walk straight through, past the orange trees and you will see a big open space with grass on the left. We will be there. I will post some signs to lead the way.

*Sunday March 20th/ 2016

*13.00 – 15.00


*Please bring your own mat. If you don’t have one please let us know and we will bring one for you.
*This event is best suitable for those with an intermediate level of practice, not suitable for beginners.

Be sure to bring some cosy clothes to relax and feel warm in. Once we start moving the heat will build up. We’ll be surrounded by GREEN once again, hitting the heart chakra.

1 = Higher Truth
0 = emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice,
8 = infinity or eternity


*Sunday February 21st / 2016

*Tme: 18.30

*Location: Oppostie Preluna Hotel, Sliema

down on the rocks by the sea.

*Donation based class and please bring your own mat

*Please email me: info@michellebartoloyoga with any further questions.

Kick start your Autumn with a full day cleansing programme to rebalance your body and mind. Our Get Glowing team includes a massage therapist, Cat Moyle from Butterfly Therapies and a qualified nutritionist, Kate Borg from Back to Body.

What have you been trying to achieve this year?

Better energy: to get up, get going and keep going through your busy day?

Better immunity: so you can avoid getting struck down with every illness doing the rounds?

Better eating habits: kicking sugar and carbohydrate cravings or just getting more excited about fruit and vegetables?

Better moods and a calmer mind: to stop stress from taking hold?

A body that feels amazing: strong, supple and supercharged?

Even more radiant skin: so you glow?

How about some ‘easy-to handle-help’ to get you started or keep you on track?

Help – Exclusive access over 2 full days to the expertise of 3 experienced health and wellbeing professionals from the fields of Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy and Energy Work, Nutrition and Raw Food Detoxing.

Easy – This inspirational “Get Glowing – 2 day detox” takes place in a central part of Malta with easy onsite parking and each full day ends by 5.30pm leaving you the evenings free to absorb everything you have achieved.

All meals are  included as part of the day detox so no need to worry about that and there is onsite parking at the spacious (and fully equipped) venue.

Your ‘Get Glowing – Detox Day includes all of the following:

2 x full yoga sessions with meditation – to move your body and mind.

An individual tailored massage – to unwind tension wherever you hold it.

1 x raw food demonstrations including advice on nutritional supplements.

Inspirational support and opportunities to ask the ‘experts’ throughout the weekend.

3 meals – Breakfast and lunch onsite and evening juices to take away with you.

Plentiful tea and water throughout.

An inspirational information pack to take away with you.


You have the option to really boost your ‘Get Glowing – 2 Day Detox’ by adding one or two Colonic Hydrotherapy Sessions by an additional qualified expert.

Taking place on: 16th November, 2013 8am – 5.30pm

Here: The Oasis: ‘B’kara Hill, St. Julians STJ 1145, Malta

Cost includes all food, sessions and your individual massage.

– €120 euros

The Optional Colonic Hydrotherapy Sessions are at an additional €85 each.

Find out more from:

Michelle Bartolo:
Tel: +356 9928 0664

Kate Borg:
Tel: +356 9922 5315

Cat Moyle:
Tel: +356 9964 6166

Full payment secures your place.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Cat (Butterfly Therapies), Kate (Back to Body) and Michelle (Michelle Bartolo Yoga)


The Spirit of Christmas by Alison Batley

This article is taken directly from YOGA MAGAZINE (November/December Issue)

Christmas. It returns with unerring regularity and, when we’re honest, many of us don’t welcome it. It’s a stressful, expensive time, which takes us out of our regular routine. Armed with lists of presents to buy, cards to write and food to provide, it’s hard to get away from the hectic commercial celebration it has become.  Eating into our time and drawing us away from our practice until January rolls around once more and we breathe a sigh of relief that it is all over for another year. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The true spirit of Christmas isn’t as far removed from yogic ideals as it often appears today. Returning to the roots of the Christian festival, the real meaning of Christmas is about finding and sharing with others peace and joy. Goodwill to all men doesn’t have to be just lines from a popular carol.

Perhaps we’re in danger of missing the real meaning of Christmas caught up in its 21st century trappings-but step back from what it has become and discover the festival has a lot in common with the aims of yoga as a celebration of love, peace and happiness. The Sutra of contentment reads, ‘ From contentment and benevolence of conciousness comes supreme happiness.’ Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to practise this teaching by seeking true happiness beyond the fleeting, superficial or worldly forms found in abundance at this time of year, such as fine food, alcohol or material goods, and looking to that which cannot be diminished. It is about cultivating acceptance of both people and things, as they are, not wishing for greater material gain or that your relatives would behave differently. This will keep the mind calm in all situations, even when faced with the most challenging of festive family gatherings. This Sutra suggests finding lasting happiness by serving others, not what results in short-term sensory pleasure or gratification of the ego. Could there be a better opportunity to practice this than this festive season? It’s time to take our Yoga  off the mat and discover what it means to live yoga’s ideals.  How about keeping patience and compassion when out on in the crowded shops and long queues? Or taking Athimsa, non-harming, into your choice of gifts by buying ethically?

Christmas is also called the feast of Love. Love is the most magical, exciting and beautiful feeling that we can experience. It’s where we all come from and this is our deepest yearning-to give love and feel loved.

Christmas can also be loaded with expectation, often it is the disappointment when we fail to fulfil these desires that causes the most challenging times over the festive season, this is where we should take the path beyond the mat. Sometimes events don’t follow our ‘plans’. The more mindfulness we bring to life the more we see that everything in us and around us is changing-impermanence.  We are part of a bigger system, part of nature, and we are only a small part of it. And rather than that making us feel small, it can help us feel far bigger, because we’re actually much more than we usually think ourselves to be. This also helps with change and unpredictability, because it’s not just about what we want. There’s a bigger system, with a natural order to it, at work- and if we can step back it helps put our individual disappointments of things not going to plan into perspective, and life gets smoother.

So this season accept the challenge of carrying your practice off the mat and look beyond to the real richness of Yoga’s teachings as a whole life system to guide you through this festive season.

This coming Summer  from July 10th – 14th I am ELATED to announce  some priceless workshops from  a great teacher, Simon Borg Olivier.

Simon Borg-Olivier is a director of YogaSynergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools. He has been teaching since 1982 and is a registered physiotherapist, University lecturer and keynote speaker at international conferences.