YOGA  is my medicine, and I love passing on the good feeling it creates to others.  I ‘d love to welcome you with open eyes to dig deeper into a Course, Class or Retreat that would suit your needs and learn how to ‘yoke’ your Body & Mind to work to the same tune.

I truly believe in all Yoga stands for and seeing that it is a 5000 year old art gives it much more substance and truth.

PRIVATE SKYPE YOGA  lessons from my home to yours, now available. See NEWS below for more info.


Myself & Dini Martinez will be hosting this silent retreat in Gozo.

This is an opportunity for you to cleanse from speech, to spend some time drawing inwards and experience a closer connection with your ‘real’ self. How does your silence feel?

Stillness Speaks

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Why 108 Sun Salutations?
* To find FLUIDITY in repetitive movement without having to pay too much attention to instruction which allows us to draw inwards more
*MENTALLY you will feel more focused, disciplined, resilient, and committed to your yoga practice & self development
*PHYSICALLY you will feel stronger, more capable, more fluid and the connection to your body & mind will be much stronger

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You have to experience it to believe it. The space I use for my classes are hosted in an art gallery in Sliema. The space is so lovely with inspiring art work all around us that is always changing, just like our practice. The lighting is light, we have a/c for heating and cooling too. All equipment is provided.

Sat Nam