Genuine Compassion

There is this notion that as humans, we have come into thinking more than feeling. We’ve let our minds take over completely, many have opted for fulfilment of self as opposed to thinking of how one’s actions can or will affect the world(nature and humans) around them.  By seperating ourselves completely we have voluntarily isolated ourselves and rarely stop to think, ‘ how would I feel in their shoes?’ How are my actions affecting this person or my environment? Empathy. Not pity.

‘Pity is a form of judging that suffering is bad. Please keep in mind that this form of compassion being taught to us is all part of the game and we designed it to be disempowering so that we, as souls, could move into a disempowered state, figure out that we are disempowered and then take the steps to regain our power. In other words, it is part of the game of soul evolution, therefore it is neither right or wrong’

We should learn to relate to the persons situation without looking for a way to ‘fix’ it for them, this in turn would actually disable the person from learning to wish to relieve it; to grow, and strengthen.  We often learn the most from our painful experiences. Hence the famous expression, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

 Webster’s dictionary defines compassion as:  ‘Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with that we have been taught.  As you can see, compassion is an emotion: a feeling in motion.  It is an active feeling. When a feeling is active, it can be used as a tool.  As a tool, it can be used in a positive or negative manner.’

 If through every action you first contemplate, how would I feel with such action being taken towards me? Is it justly so? Am I harming the world in any way by taking such action? The beauty of genuine compassion is daring to care and realising how beautiful and safe it makes one feel to be around that kind of attitude.  Through caring I feel very little else has to be done. Having the courage to dare to care for someone travelling through a rough patch is enough for them.  Once we learn to help ourselves, and take the steps to do so, proper support magically shows up to support us from all angles.  All emotions are justified, compassion being one of them and being aware that any single emotion doesn’t  override is key.

As we’ve continued to move  towards this attitude of ‘non caring’ we can see the effects it is having on us as a whole. The environment is suffering incredibly and individuals are becoming a lot more isolated and suffering more loneliness.

 I have always been noted as the‘ sensitive’ one in the family. I’ve always felt a lot, sometimes too much that I have to put up a wall at some stage or I would spend a lot of my time in tears. I’ve always wanted to ‘help’ and ‘fix’, but doing this in turn was also helping me, selfishly. The best way to help yourself through a problem is to help someone else with the same one, so without even realising it you are also helping yourself.  I always wonder, ‘how can they not care?’ and at times I’ve tried that side of non caring and I just felt myself grow very cold, very selfish, very hard. It really wasn’t a nice place to be, but finding a safe medium is necessary. Sometimes I would take a big step back from someone’s suffering and they think you don’t care, but it’s quite the opposite, by stepping back you’re allowing them the space to try and help themselves which is true caring in my eyes.

We’ve all started in the same place and will all end up in the same place, what you do with your life in between matters!  To dive into the heart and recognise how it feels in every situation is spreading love into the world, ye it sounds hippie-esk I know, but at the end of the day ‘love makes you stronger’, ‘love gives you freedom’ , compassionate attitudes make us who we’re meant to be. The heart is there to feel, the brain is there to think, have them meet halfway.

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