Anytime I feel myself move into that frame of mind of ‘do this and you can then get ‘that’, whatever ‘that’ may be’… I take myself back to this memory…

A few years ago I was hired as a stewardess to work on a private charter yacht, named ‘Ophelia'(the hopless romantic in me was smitten by the name). We were to sail the med for the summer, on all her beauty.
Yoga is/was my thing, and I thought this opportunity was a  puurfect way of gathering the funds I needed  to get my yoga arse over to India to certify, but it all went pear shaped…(not my arse, but the opportunity 😉
My freedom was lost and I religously hit the front deck of the boat everyday to do my yoga practice, waiting  for an answer to find a way out of this situation I no longer wanted to be in.

 Half way through my practice I arched up into fish pose.. long and behold! One of the crew members came running up towards me shouting ‘Michelle Michelle! FISH! FISH! I ducked out of my pose and alongside the boat was freedom found! A batch of beautiful dolphins were riding off the waves of Ophelia, with smiles of maximus length running across their faces. The joyous sounds of freedom in their voices was so boundless.

 They made me realise that feeling free is where I always need to be , they gave me the answer I’d been searching for.
Some say the dolphins coinciding with me striking fish pose was purely coincidental. I believe everything happens for a reason, COINCIDE being the word of choice. They heard my voice.

 Deepest gratitude to you great sea creatures, live Long, Strong & Free

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