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Protection & Projection of the Heart Space Workshop / MALTA

MBY and Celine Cervi have pulled together their collaborative kriya/asana forces to bring you an end of the year Protection & Projection of the Heart Workshop through detoxing kriyas and heart opening asanas. Celine will be leading a kriya set which will detoxify our minds & bodies. We continuously detoxify throughout life. We process food, […]

Fear for Human Shift – Kate Shela

An article on Fear for Human Shift Magazine: Kate Shela With love, My name is Kate Shela, a Londoner living in LA. I come from an Eastern European immigrant working class lineage, straight from hip and hilarious survivors. I am a movement architect and shamanic practitioner. I guide people through workshops designed to pass on […]

MBY KriyaAsana Class / MALTA / Dec 10th

Malta Yogi’s Hope you can join me on Monday December 10th for a class focused on enlivening our energy for the season ahead and releasing what we’d like to leave behind in 2018, entering 2019 with more clarity, peace & strength. Date: Monday December 10th Time: 19.00 – 20.30 Location: 54 Cathedral Street/Sliema @ Lily […]

Mawk Phoenix House Concert Series / MALTA / Dec 8th

Mawk Phoenix is a Swiss-born, LA-based music creator and avid world-traveler. He creates a unique blend of acoustic guitars and lush, tribal electronic beats and textures he calls Acoustica. The former producer of hits for artists like Celine Dion, Enya, Peter Gabriel, Nelly Furtado and many more has left the commercial realm to create a […]

Fear – Less

The fear is real, right? As it should be as we are human and it’s a natural way of feeling. Here’s a practice I’d like to share with y’all to bring you in your power with fear, instead of it powering you. Sit with your eyes closed and take a few deep long breaths Then […]


Retreaters connect into Friends

I’ve a story to share of these two ladies who met on an MBY Inside/Out Retreat in Gozo 3 years ago. They were strangers to one another arriving from very different backgrounds and countries. One came from Canada and the other from Germany. They quickly became travel buddies on our week together always choosing a […]

Inhale, Exhale, REPEAT

Our breath. Our best friend and greatest tool. We wouldn’t be here without it. Have you befriended your breath? Give this a go as you Inhale & Exhale from the nose. Allowing each breath to be long, deep & equal in length for a few rounds, then dropping into allowing your breath to be natural. […]

Competition is not the way forward – Collaboration IS

The best advice I was given by the great teacher Simon Borg Olivier was to always have 3 or 4 teachers that you practice with regularly. This gives you a toolbox of different styles and theories allowing you to connect to a wider scope of the yogic lifestyle while diversifying your very essence within the […]

Navel-gazing: Understanding Bodies Through Yoga

  Navel-gazing: Understanding Bodies Through Yoga  Aside from being a meditative practice good for the mind and soul, yoga is an equally highly physical activity. Asanas are carried out as a means of improving the body’s capability of sitting in long poses of concentration. The strength and flexibility that are gradually built overtime make the […]