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Beyond Reacting – Daily OM

Remembering to pause and take a breath before we react, can shift the energy of the outcome. We have all had the experience of reacting in a way that was less than ideal upon hearing bad news, or being unfairly criticized, or being told something we did not want to hear. This makes sense because […]

Awakening the Ten Bodies – July’s Newsletter

Awakening the Ten Bodies: Hola compadres! I hope this newsletter finds you in a good inner space while the world navigates it’s way around viruses, vaccinations and freedom of choice. It’s been a hot sweaty start to the summer here in Gozo. We kicked off Summer with 108 Sun Salutations with a group of 6 […]

Summer Solstice & International Yoga Day | June 21st

Happy Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day! We started the morning off with a class of 108 Sun Salutations to create more light in the body on the lightest day of the year. As today is our longest day of light we will honour that lightness inside of us – we will visit what we […]


According to an ancient shamanic blessing translated from Nahuatl: ??I release my partner from the obligation to complete me. I release my parents from the feeling they failed with me. I release my children from the need to bring me pride, so they can write their own paths to the rhythm of their hearts, as […]