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MichelleBartoloYoga in London winter 2013

Aloha! This coming winter I will be teaching in various locations around London. I am also available for privates, retreats, private classes & private retreats. For any inquiries please email info@michellebartoloyoga.com Stay tuned for class schedule

How Yoga Awakened the Teacher in Me

My article published in Elephant Journal/Oct 2012 How Yoga Awakened the Teacher in Me Sharing my battle from escapism to truth: the naked truth After leafing through so many yoga teachers’ bios, it dawned on me that where they’ve been and who they’ve trained with served little purpose. Those teachers who actually got down to the […]

Malta’s Events for PEACE ONE DAY

In collaboration with the global event PEACE ONE DAY we will be representing Malta by Yoga-ing at Sunrise, Struttin our Stuff at Sunset  & closing with a Singing Bowl Meditation by Krista Sullivan. Peace one day is a global gathering to spread peace… Date: Friday September 21st 6.30-7.30am Sunrise Yoga (Sliema, exact location to be […]

Salutes to the Setting Sun and the rising Blue Moon

Thanks to all of you who joined in on Saluting the Sun and the rising Blue Moon . It was so breathtaking with all the elements of nature surrounding us. The sounds of the waves crashing against the shore, the beautiful hues of reds and pinks as the sun dipped down below the sea. We […]

The Search.

The Search. (for the Yoga teacher and class that most suits you)   The world of Yoga can be mighty confusing initially. There are soooo many different types of classes held in multitudes of different environments, along side choosing the teacher that most resonates with you  ~ whew! It can be a task that’s daunting […]

Yoga Class Etiquette

  Yes, yes I know .. it sounds a wee bit touché BUT manners never go a miss no matter where or what you’re doing, these are based on common sense and courtesy and will help everyone’s Yoga experience be more comfortable. *Turn your mobile phones OFF please. Mobiles should  not to be placed next […]

Up in Arms/Yoga Intensive XI/June 11-15th

June’s Yoga Intensive XI is up and coming, so crank it up and ‘show us your guns’ as my first teacher used to always say… Up in Arms will strengthen you from your arms to your core and will help to prepare you for them topsy turvy poses that we call Inversions. ‘Inversions provide myriad […]