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According to an ancient shamanic blessing translated from Nahuatl: ??I release my partner from the obligation to complete me. I release my parents from the feeling they failed with me. I release my children from the need to bring me pride, so they can write their own paths to the rhythm of their hearts, as […]


“No matter the state of the world, or how dark the shadow that has fallen on our city, I find it curiously comforting to know that if you plant a seed and give it sunlight and water, it will grow.” Sarah Jio – All the Flowers in Paris Lizzie Riches – Growing With the Garden

NAMASCLAY – Yoga & Pottery Workshop May 29th | GOZO

In both Yoga & Pottery you must have a solid centred base to start, learn to stay attentive, do not let yourself be pulled, stay strong but soft, be still, gentle but very precise, stay slow and patient. MBY KriyaAsana Yoga by Michelle Bartolo will focus on Waking Up the heart centre – our hands […]

Voiceless Views – Silent Retreat | May 14-16th | GOZO

MBY will be hosting a weekend retreat for those who crave not speaking for a couple days and going inwards. The retreat will include yoga, chanting & guided meditations so as your guide/teacher I will be speaking as I guide the classes – all students joining are asked to remain silent for the weekend – […]

Aprils Newsletter – Grow Like a Garden

A Gardens Growth Just Happens… Welcome to Spring readers, although it’s not feeling so Spring like in some countries we are getting closer! We’ve been tending to our garden here, pulling weeds, trimming trees & planting seeds. You can see the garden flourish right away from the love & attention. Our bodies & minds are no different. Last […]

Kundalini Workshop for Strength, Freedom & Courage

MBY Kundalini Kriya Workshop For those who are seasoned to the practice and equally for those who are not & would like a taster of what this practice is all about. We will be working with a few specific sequences for strength, freedom & courage. The morning will consist of meditation & movement practices. We […]