Welcome to you all!

I am so excited to share all these practices with you and that you get to experience a 40 day Sadhana which is one of my most favourite practices!

Below you will find the recorded sessions with the dates next to them

If you have any issues and/or concerns feel free to reach out

I wish you all a great 40 Day journey into the Self

SatNamNamaste xx



As of Monday I will only be uploading one video / week and you can repeat that video for the whole week as the practices are pretty much the same for the week – there will be no need for a different link and/or password this time around – THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE AS I NAVIGATE ALL THIS XX

MONDAY JAN 24TH – SUNDAY JAN 30 TH | | Day 8 – 14

Reminder this is the only video that will be posted for this week – do it everyday as we will be doing the same practice each day as well – each Monday a new video will be shared here. Here’s to week TWO xx

SUNDAY JAN 23 | Day 7

Ladies, we had lots of internet issues today with it cutting off and on…so no recording today please do yesterdays and CONGRATS on completing your first week!! New practice up and coming tomorrow, Monday – remember you will repeat that practice for the full week as I will only be uploading one practice / week. Thanks everyone & Happy Sunday xx


Monday Jan 17th 

Tuesday Jan 18th 

Wednesday Jan 19th 

Thursday Jan 14th 

LADIES! I made a big boo boo and accidentally stopped this mornings video from converting and it is no longer alive – please do yesterdays practice! My apologies xx

Friday Jan 15th