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A couple of years ago I found myself hitting stagnation internally. I decided to close up my life in Malta and head out travelling with as few plans as possible. I got the change I needed as I met my partner who I travelled with for a couple months and the added inspiration along the way that I’d now like to share with all of ye through Classes,Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2020.

The teacher trainings are created through what it is you need/want to heal in body, mind & spirit. All students write to me with this information and I form the course with the practices needed – thus far in every course I’ve run students all write down the same things – this coinciding element works quite magically…

We dive deep into our energetic anatomy to release the baggage we’ve been carrying around for years helping us to be more intuitive when working with students and ourselves.

If you’re ready to connect IN on a deep level of self realisation & begin the work – this is one way….

At the turn of the seasons in Spring and Fall I will be holding a 200 hr KriyaAsana YTT  in Gozo – more info under 200 hr Spring & Fall YTT on my home page

I also like to theme my retreats around the change of the seasons as they are a great time for change. In Ontario, Canada  Fall Equinox 2020 there will be a 4 Day Wellness Retreat held up at Blue Mountain at The Retreat House.

Our accommodation, The Retreat House – is a charming place in spirit & decor. It’s tucked in the woods & built from reclaimed wood by one of the owners who is also one of our star hosts. We do hope you can join us as we indulge in deep inner practices through kriyaasana classes, beautiful views, fall colours, campfires, hiking trails in the forest, a massage therapist on site & plant based homemade meals served with love!

Then it’s off to the Med to hit the heat again in Gozo, Malta – thee Island of Joy smack dab in the middle of the mediterranean sea. This will be our retreat destination from October 10-17th.

If you haven’t experienced small island living from way back in the day then choose Gozo. It’s small, safe, quaint and the perfect spot for a yoga retreat.

Gozo is an island in the Mediterranean that will take you back in time. It’s rich with blue waters, lovely beaches, fresh food, friendly locals and most importantly it’s incredibly peaceful & safe. My retreats started here 5 years ago and every retreater who has attended has always been blown away by the islands beauty & great weather. There’s plenty of hiking, diving, resting & pampering to enhance your retreat experience. Gozo has been a well kept secret so best to experience it before the word gets out!

I love the practise of experiencing different ways of living  as it shows us what we resist – then to release that as resistance only closes us up and our ONE job in life is to remain OPEN

I do hope you will join me in an experience of deep inner & outer connection.

Connected, we can learn ways to feed our minds & bodies in ways that will promote growth, clarity, peace & strength. We learn to stretch our limits in different environments, out of our comfort zones to become more adaptable which in turn gives us more freedom

This is the journey

More space

More time

More growth.

Check out to check IN.


Michelle x
Michelle Bartolo Yoga

Testimonials and Reviews

I had such a wonderful experience at my retreat with Michelle last fall. The accommodation on beautiful Gozo, the delicious food, the pace of the day, the company, and of course the excellent yoga classes all contributed to a most rejuvenating holiday. Michelle is an excellent teacher who gently guides and inspires her students to enhance their yoga practice at their own pace. I look forward to my next visit!

Monica SapianoOttawa - Canada

I spent 6 months attending yoga classes with various teachers when I first moved to Malta, having had an intermittent practice for about 5 years before that. It was about 10 minutes into my first class with Michelle that I realised I had found what I didn’t know I was looking for! The first thing that struck me was her language and tone, it’s fresh, honest, modern and real. In the 5 years that followed I felt like Michelle took those of us in her class on an epic voyage inwards as she shared her practice with us. She is the best kind of teacher, one that teaches you how to find your own internal teacher. I was inspired to develop a daily practice which I follow even now she has moved away from the island. Above all things though, it is her integrity that inspires me the most. She lives elegantly in line with her principles, living yoga off the mat as much as on it. She’s also the best dancefloor buddy you could wish for 🙂 I look forward to seeing her again on retreats around the world and to reading the wisdom she shares online 🙂

Cat MoyleUK & MALTA

I first met Michelle in 2015 when searching for a yoga teacher in Malta, and her style of teaching was perfect for me. Since that time, I have considered her a yoga mentor and absolute inspiration. Michelle guides me in private yoga retreats. Through our 90-120 minutes sessions (twice daily), she focuses on meditation, pranayama, and asanas and educates on the purpose and total body (physical/mental/spiritual) benefits of individual movements. She takes the time to tailor sessions not only to my yoga skill level but also to what I am seeking out of a yoga practice that will benefit my life on and off the mat. As she grew to understand my personality and lifestyle, I felt that our sessions truly began to change my body, mind, and soul. On the mat, she has helped me develop a more organized home practice, while off the mat her meditation teachings have restored my patience and relaxation. Her relaxed demeanor and encouraging words allow me to accomplish more than I often think I can in class! In addition to being a highly skilled yogi and teacher, she is a wonderful person– patient, compassionate, wise, and beautiful on the inside and outside! I carry so many of Michelle’s mantras throughout life…my favorite being “Spend time with those who celebrate you…and of course, take time to celebrate them too!” Thank you so much Michelle. I will forever be grateful to have such an amazing, inspirational woman in my life!”

Jamie LewisChicago USA

I did a week retreat in Gozo with Michelle in September 2015, which I highly recommend for anybody looking to deepen their practice and explore a fantastic place. Michelle’s retreat is unique in that she limits the number of participants to 8 so she can assess each person’s level and provide individualized guidance. In addition, Michelle lives in Malta and has local connections in Gozo which enable her to provide a well-rounded experience. The group stays together in a house and has plenty of free time to explore after the morning session followed by group breakfast and the evening session. The house we stayed in was spectacular with a pool for lounging days and a bus stop right outside to make it easy to go places. We also had a kitchen and our group stayed in most nights for dinner made with contributions from each of us. Depending on the group’s wishes, there are opportunities to do sunrise yoga, sunset yoga, and take a boat ride around the various islands, all of which were spectacular. Michelle blends a number of yoga styles, and she explains what we are trying to achieve with different poses. Her corrections and cues are spot on. The retreat offers a balance between yoga, meditation, relaxation, visiting new sites, camaraderie, and quiet. I came back refreshed and recharged with wonderful memories of an amazing week. I would not hesitate to do another retreat with Michelle either in Gozo or someplace else. Swatti Dutta / Michigan

Swatti DuttaMichigan USA

Your class was very good for me. I am still new to Yoga and was in the process of finding out if it is for me. Your message resonated very well with me. This was the part, I was missing before.

Fabian Wildgrube Germany

I would like to say BIG THANK YOU for the retreat we had last weekend from myself and Leon. This retreat gave an exposure to the new, unknown to me, things in life. It was an overwhelming experience. Thank you

Maria OgluzdinaUkraine

Thanks to you, I continued to discover the practise in Paris with a light heart.

Vannapha PhrommavanhParis

I often think back to the yoga retreat in Gozo last year in September. It was really special for me – the classes with you and the island with its soft energy. In case you will give some retreats again there, I would appreciate it quite a lot..

Sandra SchmidtGermany

I have practiced yoga with Michelle for about 2,5 years. Her classes entered in my life as a whole Ocean, sometimes strong and ruff, sometimes calm and gentle. Wave after wave, I started to wash out old concepts, patterns, perceptions. And it wasn’t always easy. But there was something higher than stretch and flexibility that would make me return countless times into her classes… the connection and reborn of my inner self. “TheMaster appears when the student is ready”.

AngelaPortugal/ Malta
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