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Meet your Teacher

Michelle Bartolo Yoga / Meet your Teacher

Aloha Hola and muchos gracias for checking in. I hope you find something that raises your interest and connects to your heart.

Here’s a bit about me & my journey (s):

I was born in Malta & raised in Toronto. I certified through the YMCA as a Fitness Instructor when I was 17 and have been travelling and teaching various types of classes for many years in various countries including Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Morocco, Wales, Australia the Uk & Malta.

I LOVE to explore this planet.

I’d like to share my experiences with yoga and all it embodies.  It has become my go to tool for pretty much EVERYTHING.

I started guiding classes 10 years ago in the styles of Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Transformational Yoga (chanting sounds in & out of asanas) & Mindful Meditation.

My practice started in 2001 when a friend told me I needed to CALM down. I loved physical exercise and was pretty much on the go more than not. My attitude at the time was like:
Yoga? *Yawn* I was thee biggest yoga skeptic.
I did find myself becoming more curious and decided to do a wee research in my search for peace. It did take me sometime to find the teacher who resonated with me. (Having worked in the fitness industry for 15 years you could safely say I was a bit particular on teaching technique)

My first lesson on this yoga journey was when I met my teacher, Geoffrey Wiebe.

Geoff was based in Toronto at the time and when he walked into the cafe where I was working – I just knew he was my teacher. When the time is right your teacher will appear.

*Lesson 1: Seek and thou shall find – if not it will find you

Geoff sent me to every other class in the city and listened to me report my reasons why that class didn’t suit me. I kept asking him when I could come to his classes. A couple weeks later I was granted permission to enter 🙂

It felt like home.

*Lesson 2: Awareness to breath is everything. Space & freedom: what more can we ask for?

 At this time in my life I was working in fashion, bit of film work and waitressing/bartending. I was rock n roll but always maintained an exercise regime. One could safely say that I was drinking & smoking all sorts in excess. Just being reminded to breathe was such a life changing transition. Becoming aware of my breathing made me feel high naturally.  I no longer wanted to go out the night before a morning class

I practiced very regularly.

6 classes/week on average. Then I started self practice.

*Lesson 3: Yoga and all it embodies made me feel FREE

I noticed how easy it was to start letting go of all the things that were bringing me down & holding me back from moving forward.

 I then moved to Malta and did a couple of courses with Zoya Lu; travelled to India, lived in an ashram 3 weeks doing a teacher training which included chanting & chakra cleansing through sound which I found fascinating.
Then after 5 years of practice I started guiding yoga classes & working week long yoga retreats in Gozo.
By this stage my addictions were gone with very little effort. Yoga became my healing tool anytime I felt the walls were closing in.
My relationships, friendships, eating habits, daily cleansing rituals all changed in an incredibly positive way to support me on this path.
When that happens, you know you’re travelling in the right direction.
*Lesson 4: This practice works from the inside out.
Learning that this body, this vehicle has everything it needs from head to toe to heal itself made me feel whole within myself. I didn’t need anything on the outside once my inside felt right.
*Lesson 5: Yoga means more off the mat.
How we interact with nature and it’s peoples. Surfing through all life’s waves & barrels and gliding through stillness.
Finding fluidly.
“Happy are the flexible cause they don’t get bent outta shape!’

*Lesson 6: Mind your mind through your breath.

Then meditation found its way into my self practice.
Everyday for 5 years I got up and sat in silence for 20-30minutes.
So now that the space through the stretching helped me to find some stillness the show was really on the road. Connecting body & mind through breath. Listening with high intent. How much could I really hear? The sounds, breath, body & mind.
Presence with a capital P brings PEACE.
Yes please.
*Lesson 7: Inhale stimulates & exhale relaxes.
Becoming my own best friend by listening. Creating an inner environment that feels open and free. Instincts becomes stronger. Choices become wiser. Silence Speaks.
 *Lesson 8: Everything is infinite.
Loving this life.
Step up to step out.
Sprinkle a bit of gold dust into that rust.
Grow to Learn.
Energy matters.
Find the teacher in you and love who you are, where you are, what you have & those who support and love you.
Inhale for SPACE
Exhale for FREEDOM

My aim as a Yoga teacher is to teach you how to find the teacher in you.

Yoga will make you feel FREE – trust me.