Navel-gazing: Understanding Bodies Through Yoga

  Navel-gazing: Understanding Bodies Through Yoga  Aside from being a meditative practice good for the mind and soul, yoga is an equally highly physical activity. Asanas are carried out as a means of improving the body’s capability of sitting in long poses of concentration. The strength and flexibility that are gradually built overtime make the […]

MBY KriyaAsana Classes via Subscription Channel / Coming soon!

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all finding time for being amidst our world of doing. I’ve been struggling with putting a yoga video out for some time now. I was never quite happy with the outcome for oh so many reasons up until now. I’ve dropped my idealistic way of what it should look like and […]

KriyaAsana Yoga Workshop @ Yoga Intentions / Boulder, Co / March 29th

MBY is happy to announce her workshop happening at Yoga Intentions in Boulder, Colorado on March 29th from 6-7pm. This class is a gift to the director of Yoga Intentions, Elizabeth Penziner and in return Elizabeth is offering this workshop as a gift to all that attend. Giving is Receiving. Hope you can join us!