MBY 200 Hour Teacher Training in Ayampe, Ecuador / August 6 – September 14th , 2018

MBY has been guiding classes and spreading her practice for over 13 years now. She began practicing the art of yoga 19 years ago. Her dedication to her self practice has made her teaching life rich with encounters from students & teachers that ride on the same wave, whether they’re just beginning or are further […]

Navel-gazing: Understanding Bodies Through Yoga

  Navel-gazing: Understanding Bodies Through Yoga  Aside from being a meditative practice good for the mind and soul, yoga is an equally highly physical activity. Asanas are carried out as a means of improving the body’s capability of sitting in long poses of concentration. The strength and flexibility that are gradually built overtime make the […]

MBY KriyaAsana Classes via Subscription Channel / Coming mid June

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all finding time for being amidst our world of doing. I’ve been struggling with putting a yoga video out for some time now. I was never quite happy with the outcome for oh so many reasons up until now. I’ve dropped my idealistic way of what it should look like and […]