Fear – Less

The fear is real, right? As it should be as we are human and it’s a natural way of feeling. Here’s a practice I’d like to share with y’all to bring you in your power with fear, instead of it powering you. Sit with your eyes closed and take a few deep long breaths Then […]

Retreaters connect into Friends


I’ve a story to share of these two ladies who met on an MBY Inside/Out Retreat in Gozo 3 years ago. They were strangers to one another arriving from very different backgrounds and countries. One came from Canada and the other from Germany. They quickly became travel buddies on our week together always choosing a […]

Inhale, Exhale, REPEAT

Our breath. Our best friend and greatest tool. We wouldn’t be here without it. Have you befriended your breath? Give this a go as you Inhale & Exhale from the nose. Allowing each breath to be long, deep & equal in length for a few rounds, then dropping into allowing your breath to be natural. […]