Glow On ~ Healthy Living Day/Malta April 25th

The GLOW ON team will be hosting a one day detox on Saturday 26th April 2014. This day will be packed with everything to help you glow from the inside out!

The day includes

* 2 x Yoga Classes by Michelle Bartolo Yoga
* 3 x meals/juices
* 1 x Tailored Massage Treatment by Butterfly Therapies
* Guided meditation connecting body and mind
* Writing exercises to inspire and ingnite

Location: Apt 7, T7F, Favray Court, Tigne Point
Time: 8-5.30pm
Date: Saturday 26th April 2014
Fee: 100 euros

For bookings and enquiries please contact:

Cat Moyle
mob: 9964 6166

Michelle Bartolo
mob: 9928 0664

Let’s Glow On into Spring! 😉

Gozo Yoga Detox Weekend / March 28-31st

Find your tune and get grounded.

A collaborative weekend with myself and Anchelique Yoga Pt (
Set in a beautiful farmhouse in Gozo overlooking the islands best sunset spot, Dwejra. We are also just a small walk away from the open window which is a rock window formation over the sea.

A visual peaceful pleasure.


Michelle Anchelique retreat 2_3

Michelle Anchelique retreat v2 (1)

Michelle Anchelique retreat v2_4 (1)

A New Year, A New You ~ Get Glowing’s Detox Day/Malta

The festive season will come and go and we’ll feel our glow is a bit dim so our first detox day will be a great way to kick off 2014. Start the new year with some new healthy habits for a newer feeling you!

Our get glowing trio will be hosting a one day detox on Saturday January 18th. This day will be packed with everything to help you glow from the inside out!

The day includes

* 2 x Yoga Classes by Michelle Bartolo Yoga
* 3 x meals/juices & a demonstration by Back to Body Healthy Living
* 1 x tailored massage by Butterfly Therapies

Location: Ta Giorni, The Palms/ Back to Body Living Studio
Time: 8-5.30pm
Date: Saturday January 18th
Fee: 120 euros

You have the option to really boost your ‘Get Glowing – Day Detox’ by adding a Colonic Hydrotherapy Session by an additional qualified expert. Special discounts are offered to those attending the detox. Contact Kate for further information and fee’s.

For bookings please contact:

Kate Borg
mob: 99225315

Let’s Glow

Yoga 4 Him

Men’s Only Yoga Classes commencing Friday September 6th

Anchelique Yoga PT ( and myself are happy to present a Yoga class just for men. We will run this class every Friday evening so feel free to drop in or contact me on info@michellebartoloyoga for more information.

*6.30pm-7.45pm (75min)

*54 Cathedral Str/Lily Agius Gallery, Sliema

* 10 x classes = 100 euros

* 1 x class = 12 euros

*Classes will be ongoing

More on Yoga 4 Men:

” I unrolled my BLACK mat near someone else’s pink one, beside someone else’s painted toenails and a pile of voguish flip-flops. Now, my fellow MATES are probably engaged in some testosterone-fueled sprint, while I’m grunting loudly to stay balanced on my forearms. I’m inverted and self-conscious: In a class filled with women, I alone am emitting primal noises ”

This is the reason why we’ve created a class HIM only. Besides all physical benefits of realigning imbalance, posture and flexibility. This is a safe place for the male to explore all the other benefits of increased energy, well being, better focus & a clearer mind by adding meditation to your routine.

Yoga is thee best MediZen 😉

Yogatta Yoga Gozo! Weekly Classes

Fello Gozo Yogis!

Weekly classes in Gozo @ Don Bosco Oratory/Victoria

Thursdays ~ 7.15 – 8.45pm

Fridays ~ 9.30 – 10.45am

10 x classes = 80 euros (valid 3 months)

Single class = 10 euros

Classes are ongoing.


If you have any further questions please feel free to drop me a line!

Be Bendy 😉

Sat Nam

The Bubble Festival Malta. Bend for a Cause

A contemporary music & arts festival with purpose. Positive awareness, charity & fun. All set in the Buskett Forest in Malta on the second weekend of June.

The Bubble is the safe haven that we live in, the comfortable world that
we surround ourselves with, the people we know and the environment
we are used to. We are recreating this… but with fresh new elements, new
ideas, new awakenings to what’s going on OUTSIDE the Bubble!

An awakening to co-creation, charity, contemporary arts, eco awareness,
theatre and poetry, workshops, sustainability, conscious eating, fun,
music, dancing and some surprises thrown in for the mix! All done for
charity and set among some of Malta’s finest natural environments, the
Bubble offers people a safe space to chill, dance and explore new concepts that are ready and waiting for them when they leave the event!

*Bend it Up, Feel Within
Let us Begin
Feel Your Toes
Touch Your Nose
Be in Your Pose

Yoga with MichelleBartoloYoga on Sunday June 9th @4pm.
All levels WELCOME
Workin it to find your inner FREEDOM

Sat Nam (Vibration of Truth)

Gozo Sunset Yoga @ Dwejra/ Thursday May 9th

Fellow Gozo Yogi’s, it’s been awhile since we’ve met on our mats!
This Thursday May 9th I will be giving a Sunset Yoga session @ Dwejra/6pm-7.15pm
Class Fee = 7euros
~Please bring your own mat/towel
~We will be on the rocks closer to Fungus Rock. When you come to the first gravely car park you go down to the right on the rocks and we will be there 😉

Sat Nam (Vibration of Truth)

Spring it On Sunset Yoga

That’s Rubbish is back in action to cleanse for Spring! Our beach cleanup will be taking place on Sunday May 5th from 2-4pm

We will then take to Saluting the Spring Sun with a free for all Sunset Yoga Class @ 5pm

Spring it ON 😉

2013 Inside/Out Retreats Collaborate & Inspire

Aloha friends from all lands…

I’m very honoured to announce that AMIR JAAN will be joining me on the May Retreat in Gozo and in August, on the  Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Spain. Amir is a well renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher from London. I attended a few of his classes and they were beyond the description that words can give. His expertise and lyrical essence are complete artistry from the heart. To find out more about Amir you can click here:

In June we hit the French Alps where I am welcoming JENI CARUANA who is a well renowned artist living in Malta. She is a goddess with a paintbrush that dances all on it’s own, I’ve never felt so drawn in by paintings before. Jeni will be teaching basic drawing techniques that can be used as mediations, which she cleverly titled, Drawing Closer to Nature. For more info on jeni click here:
My next guest teacher is INA LOVDAL who is from Norway and is as Zen as Zen can be. She has so much to offer and will be flowing us through some QiGong on my October Retreat in Gozo. Ina showed up on one of my retreats last year and I was so grateful to have her there, she has also appeared in Simon Low’s Yin/Yang video. If you would like to know more about Ina you can click here:

An Inside/Out Retreat is an Investment for yourself, for life…you’re worth it!

Your retreat will include *Yoga *Meditation *Healthy Vegetarian Meals (on some retreats) *Relaxation, tools for Positive Thinking and plenty of Pampering.

6 Lessons Santa Teaches Better Than Any ‘Guru’

**Article extracted from Elephant Journal 6 Lessons Santa Teaches us better than any \’Guru\’




If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~ Bob Hope

Whether Santa is real or not really doesn’t matter, as he has been endowed with some remarkable qualities that we can all learn from. In fact, in many ways, he is better able to show us true spirituality than even the average guru.

1.  He asks us to be good. Which is significant considering many of us so often act selfishly and greedily. By being good he means being kind, being generous, being considerate and thoughtful.

He gives to everyone, whoever and wherever they are, all at pretty much the same time. And he does it without asking for anything in return (except for the odd glass of milk and cookies). This indicates he has a truly generous heart, one that takes great joy in giving without needing to receive. Which is a very important lesson, as giving with no expectation of getting is the quickest route to happiness. Through giving to others, a la Santa, we get away from selfishness and neediness.

2. Yet he does not give blindly. Rather he considers what is the most appropriate gift for each. This shows great discernment. Too often we give without thinking (like giving candy to a starving child when what they need is food), so here Santa shows us how giving needs wisdom in order to be of most benefit.

3. He listens to our requests and reads our letters. Meaning that he takes the time to hear and pay attention, which we could all do a lot more of. How often do we really listen to someone without judging them, or without imposing our own thoughts on them or telling them what we think is right for them?

4. He has great psychic powers: flies in the sky with reindeer, descends chimneys without getting covered in soot, goes by many names and forms, and is extraordinarily elusive. Has anyone actually ever seen him? The lesson here is that we can all do more than we think we can, and we don’t need to be applauded. We can practice random acts of kindness quietly, simply, without bringing attention to ourselves.

5. He’s filled with joy and lifts our spirits at the darkest time. And we can do the same for each other. No need to spread doom and gloom, no need to focus on what is wrong with ourselves or the world. By focusing on what is good we not only bring a lightness of spirit to others, but we also get to feel a lot better too.

6. He knows where we live. In other words, he is inside every one of us. Santa is our true, authentic self that is there when we can let go of our ego-centered needs.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~ Winston Churchill

Happy Holidays and Happy Giving! (written by Ed & Deb Shapiro)